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Kindle Fire or Ipad

Updated on March 3, 2012

Kindle Fire is Hot to Trot

There is a resounding clash of bites, bits and all that techno stuff on the digital battlefield. The Ipad by apple, which has revolutionized the digital markets, communications and even education and now amazon has its own rival, the Kindle Fire.

Now we are not going to go into the major differences between the two devices because that has been done too many times. What we need to look at is the use of these devices and what most of the population is looking for. For the most part, I notice that many individuals merely use the Ipad for nothing more than browsing the web, reading emails and reading books. Is it really worth the high price tag over 500 dollars when you can buy a device that does exactly the same job and is just as fast.

Amazon has certainly revolutionized their older kindle and even though it was an awesome piece of kit, it became the best and fastest selling e-book reader. You could sit in the sun and read a book just as real as holding a paperback or hardback. You could carry 3,000 books in your pocket, imagine trying that with your rucksack or handbag, not worth thinking about. The only thing that was missing was color and fast browsing and email. Now we have it all.

The kindle fire has revolutionized e-books and gone head-to-head with apple. I had my doubts, but I must say after I was cajoled by my wife to buy her one, I was deeply impressed. I began to really consider not buying an ipad and having the kindle. My wife won’t let me near it so I have to tell you all this from her perspective and mine when she’s not looking. Not only do you have a crystal clear screen, you have sound, browsing, email, apps and you can watch movies. Now when I say this is a full service machine, it really is. You have hd capability and I was amazed at how brilliant It was to watch your favorite TV show or movie. I have to watch over my wife, but it really is something else. The aps are just as good as any I have seen and reading a book on the kindle is brilliant.

Let me explain a little of the downside of the old kindle. You could not really read magazines that had pictures or books that had color graphs, but now with the kindle fire, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Any negative points I hear you ask? Nope. Go ahead buy one, you will not regret it and best of all, its less than 200 dollars and you can listen to your favorite music too. Oh yes, there is one downside, the battery does not last as long as the old one, but its certainly long enough to enjoy at least 1-2 full days of reading.


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  • profile image

    navidale 4 years ago

    I too was lucky to receive a kindle fire for is wonderful I love it . So much better than the kindle which to be honest I thought was wonderful before the kindle fire. True the downside is that it takes more charging than the other kindle, but it offers so much more...

    Florence Seale.