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Kindle Fire Review

Updated on November 2, 2011

The Kindle Fire is probably the best selling Christmas gift this year.  Preorder the Kindle Fire Now to make sure that you are able to get and/or give one this Holiday season.

Kindle Fire Review

Amazon recently put the Kindle Fire on sale.  The Kindle Fire represents Amazon's entrance into the Tablet market and in this Kindle Fire review, we'll cover all the features that make the Amazon Tablet a truly unique tablet at, quite possibly, the best price.

Amazon has been noticeably absent from the Tablet market and now that they are releasing the Kindle Fire Tablet this late in the game, they had better come with something good.  Having had plenty of experience in designing one of the best selling e-readers, the Kindle, they have learned some things that make the Kindle Fire a step above numerous Tablets (quite possibly even the Ipad).  The main things that stand out and (which gets covered below) are:

  • Price
  • Web Browsing
  • Performance
  • Display
  • Durability

Kindle Fire Price

Probably the one thing that stands out about the entire system is the price.  I know I haven't gotten into all of the functionalities and features that it has but to tell you that they are offering the Kindle Fire which is a full featured Android OS Tablet for $199 is amazing.  It's been rumored that Amazon is losing $50 for every unit sold.  Amazon certainly knows what they are doing and understands that if they are going to sell tablets they are going to have to price it appropriately, hence cheap Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire Performance

The Kindle Fire was designed to perform well both through out the web as well as in conjunction with the vast media empire that Amazon has amassed.

To start out with, they use a 7" In-Plane Switching display.  What this does is provide much wider viewing angles so that you can fire up a movie and watch it with a friend without worrying about the view.

Next, they incorporated a high resolution into their color display.  One of the things some people didn't likes about the original Kindle is that it lacked the color display, something that drove people to buy the Nook ereader. Not this time.  The Kindle Fire has a brilliant display that offers over 16 million colors in incredible depth.  This allows you to enjoy magazines, movies and books (especially childrens books making it the best kids ereader

They also incorporated the dual-core technology that has made the Ipad 2.0 so fast.  This feature provides quick responses and short load times providing instant gratification for the user.

Kindle Fire Media

The Kindle Fire is probably the best tablet for watching movies and TV shows for two reasons.  One, it takes full advantage of the Android Honeycomb operating system which means that it uses Adobe Flash (one of the things that makes the Amazon Kindle Fire better than the Ipad).  Secondly, the Fire has direct access to the huge database of movies that Amazon had created for their Amazon Prime membership.  They have over 100,000 movies and TV shows that Amazon Prime members can watch for free (think Netflix).  They even have a one-month trial membership that you can use to test this out [afterwords it's 79 bucks for the year (cheaper than Netflix) and you get free 2-day shipping].

Then there are the books.  Amazon has tons of books and now you can take advantage of their online magazine subscriptions so you can enjoy just about any print media you love wherever you go.  Very handy for travelling.

Also, there are the mp3s.  Amazon has a huge library of mp3s that rivals iTunes.  They are the same price and you can download them instantly without hassle from the Kindle Fire.

Finally there are the Apps.  Amazon has a huge library of Apps as well.  They have over 29 categories so you can find just about anything you need.  Plus they give away one paid app for free everyday so you can play new games or use new tools all the time.

Amazon Silk Web Browser

Amazon has created their own brand of web browser that blows away what most tablets do.  To one-up the Ipad, Amazon has created the Amazon Silk web browser.  This special browser uses what they call "Split Architecture" to load webpages much faster (it uses part Tablet computing and part cloud-based computing). 

Amazon Kindle Fire and the Cloud

One of the truly unique things that the Kindle Fire has done is that they have incorporated the ability to use "the Cloud" to store your files.  Think of it as another (HUGE) hard drive that you can access anytime you have internet.  They provide you with free space to store your own documents or you can store your books, mp3s and apps that you purchase their.  This is a huge advantage because it's not taking up space on the tablet itself.


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    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 6 years ago

      Awesome Article. The cutting edge cloud storage is the best feature that impressed me about Kindle Fire!

    • 1000Ways profile image

      1000Ways 6 years ago

      They did. In order to get the color touchscreen they had to abandon the e-ink technology (for this model only) and went with a back-lit display. I wouldn't treat this as an e-reader but more like the traditional tablets that happens to also have access to Amazon's huge library. Hope that helps!

    • itsmonkeyboy profile image

      itsmonkeyboy 6 years ago from London, UK

      Great hub. Very informative, I don't suppose you know though, have Amazon moved towards a back-lit screen with the new Kindle Fire? I'm assuming they may have done with the full colored screen but just figured I'd inquire. The lack of back-lit screen and easily readable screen is one of the things I love about the Kindle.