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Kindle Fire by Amazon

Updated on November 13, 2013

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire: WOW!

I just ordered my Kindle Fire and I'm so excited. I can't wait for the 15th. I gotta say I'm really impressed with the new Kindle Fire. I haven't seen it in person yet. But, the specs, pictures and price blow me away. It is set for release on November 15th. But, you can pre-order it at Amazon. I just can't believe how cheap it is. It seems so much better than the Nook yet it is $50 less. This is the tablet that can finally compete with Apple's iPad. It has practically all of the features of an iPad. Obviously the Amazon app. store isn't as good and I don't know how solid the build quality is. But, I figure if the Kindle I have is any indication then it should more than meet everyones expectations. This seems like the best of both worlds. It is a great price from a company that is known for having high quality products. From what I have read it looks like Amazon is taking a loss selling the Kindle Fire so cheap. But, they expect to make their money back with apps. books and movies. It doesn't hold a lot of information. Only 8gbs. But, it takes full advantage of the Amazon Cloud for all of your data.

Kindle Fire Specs

  • Full 7" color display
  • Touch Screen
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Wifi enabled
  • Free Amazon Cloud Storage
  • Amazon App Store
  • All the media you could need Books, Movies and Games
  • Amazon Prime Members get unlimited instant streaming of over 10,000 movies and TV Shows
  • Amazon just added free book lending. You can borrow one book at a time of more than 5,000 in their library
  • Can surf the web and check email
  • 1 year warranty

My First Week with the Kindle Fire

I love my new Kindle Fire. It is perfect for me to bring on the train to work. It works very fast over wifi. It is a very strong and beautiful looking device. I read that some people noticed lag in the touch screen. But, I haven't noticed it et all comparing it to the iPad. It is very easy to hold in one hand. The interface is very intuitive. Getting my books and videos from Amazon couldn't be easier. Although that is also one of my two complaints. I have kids and they enjoy using it too. However I can't do anything to stop them from buying anything. It should require a password for purchases. I can only lock the main screen. I have turned off one click purchases but, it still lets me download books and apps without any requirement. I have contacted Amazon. But, they don't seem to know the device all that well. My other complaint is really just me thinking the device would do something I expected. But, it seems like it can't and Amazon is kind of vague when getting back to me. I thought I could upload pictures to my Amazon 5 gigs of cloud storage. Heck it even has a folder for pictures already made. But, when I select cloud on my Kindle Fire I get the same exact pictures that I have stored on my device and not the ones I stored in the cloud.

I realize the product is new and Amazon has not witnessed their own version of the Smurf Village Fiasco that the iPhone did. So no parents have lost hundreds of dollars yet to kids buying stuff on it. I expect this will be fixed in an update. Hopefully before I need to ask for lots of refunds. I also hope they add access to my Amazon cloud because that is what I was counting on for storing more of my pictures and videos.

Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon Prime members will do really well buying this Kindle. I happen to already be an Amazon Prime member. I pretty much do all of my shopping online. All of the extras I get by buying this and being a member will make it an even better device. Prime members get instant streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and tv shows. Amazon just added the lending library. This lets you borrow from over 5,000 titles. Amazon Prime also gets you unlimited Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of items in the Amazon Store. Eligible customers that purchase a Kindle Fire will be given a free month of Amazon Prime to try it out. After the first month it is $79 a year. It does seem like a lot at first but, I actually found it worth it with all I have saved with free shipping and this was before the free streaming. Your best bet, if you want to try Amazon Prime is that typically Amazon lets you try a month for free. I highly recommend you plan that to be around Christmas time. Free two day shipping is absolutely awesome at Christmas time.

Silk Web Browser

Amazon Silk Web Browser

Amazon created a browser that takes full advantage of their cloud service. Rendering of the web pages is performed in the cloud before it is delivered to the Kindle Fire. This makes the browsing speed much better than any other mobil device. It also features Dynamic Split Browsing that lets the Kindle render content locally or in the cloud, intelligently offloading tasks to the cloud to optimize performance.

Kindle Fire Demo

Don't you want a Kindle Color?

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    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 6 years ago from ma

      If you stick with just reading the regular Kindle will be great. I have the current model and love it. I do kinda wish I waited for the Fire though. I would recommend you might get one with a touch screen although I haven't tried it yet. I just always find myself constantly trying to touch the screen to play the few games I have and when I scroll through my books. I'm just so used to using my iPod touch I can't help it.

    • alekhouse profile image

      Nancy Hinchliff 6 years ago from Essex Junction, Vermont

      Yeah, I researched this. My daughter is getting me a Kindle for my birthday. She let me decide which I wanted. After researching both we decided on the Kindle rather than the Kindle Fire.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      I find that all hiubs like this one are so useful I still count myself as a newbee on the computer; therefore all hubs like this one are priceless !

      I vote up and bookmark.

      Take care