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Kindle Lighted Leather Cover Black Best Buy

Updated on December 7, 2011

Kindle and Kindle Lighted Leather Cover ! What's the story?

This innovative Kindle Lighted Leather Cover Black is one of best buy accessories for Kindle ever. With Kindle lighted leather cover, no more you will find it difficult to read kindle with the lights off.Simplicity is the spot light of this groundbreaking accessory. Its not like other products that are used to stylize the kindle.This black Kindle lighted leather cover is something which is very 'useful' all the time. From the many successful reviews I have written about Kindle and the interactions I had with buyers, I have a clear cut idea about what readers need the most and I found that this product is of the best value for any person who is going to buy Kindle or who already has one. Through this article I step a further step to help the readers find something which could effectively enhance the reading comfort of Kindle users. As I said about 'simplicity' of the cover, I'd like to present its review to my readers in the same simplicity. After reading if you find it worth you can get one Kindle lighted leather cover from Amazon for the best buy price here.

More on Marvelousness of Kindle Lighted Leather Cover Black

The Kindle Cover with A Reading Light

The Kindle display uses e-ink which is something that technically works similar to the inks used in books. This gives the Kindle a paper like display and just like books can't be read at dark, the Kindle also can't be read. You can read it under a reading light and that is exactly this kindle lighted leather cover black comes with. It has a retractable LED light at the right top corner of the cover. The light can be pushed out easily when needed and this LED light doesn't produce any glare on the Kindle screen.

No Batteries Needed
Providing power for accessories is always a worry for the owners. Amazon has taken this into consideration while designing and made the LED light in this Kindle cover to be powered from the Kindle itself. Hence, you don't need a any battery to power the lights.

Working Of The Cover

There is a gold plated hinge to secure Kindle in its place, this hinge conducts electricity from Kindle batteries and powers the LED light. Gold is used because it has highest corrosion resistance and makes good electrical contact even with low force.

Read With One Hand

The cover can be completely folded behind the Kindle and its perfect round shape allows you to access all the navigation while holding it with only one hand.

Other Features

The Kindle lighted leather cover black comes in other 6 colours also namely, Burnt Orange, Chocolate Brown, Hot Pink, Steel Blue, Apple Green, Burgundy Red. It has a pebble grain, contoured exterior which protects you Kindle and gives a good grip on it. To protect the screen of the Kindle the inside is made up of soft microfiber.

Quick View Of Kindle Lighted Leather Cover Features

  • The cover has a convenient LED light which acts as a reading light.
  • The LED is powered by Kindle so no batteries required.
  • The contoured exterior and soft exterior keeps your Kindle safe and easy to take with you while travelling.

If you need a visual review of the Kindle lighted leather cover you can check out the video in which the entire happening starting from 'unpacking the Kindle cover' is beautifully demonstrated.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover Complete Demo


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