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Kindle Power Adapter For Australia - Buy Online From Amazon | Adaptor

Updated on January 15, 2012

Kindle Power Adapter - Australia Exclusive

This article gives the complete guidelines to buy Kindle power adapter for Australia. Technically, its 'Kindle AU (Type I, Australia) Power Adapter'. It fits both Kindle and Kindle DX. But its not compatible with the First generation Kindle. This power adapter can be plugged into any Australian type power point. You can detach the USB cable from the power adapter and use it to connect you Kindle to a computer or laptop for either powering it through the computer or to make file transfers. Moreover, this power adapter works perfectly with all other devices having USB charging option. No longer will you need a laptop with you to charge your Kindle. You can keep you Kindle or any such devices charged up even if you are stuck in your relatives house where you cant find a computer. There is no need to leave your laptop switched on over-night just to charge the Kindle. This power adapter promises to fully charge the kindle in just 4 hours. Again technically speaking, the USB cable is 1.8 meters long and the adapter supports 100VAC - 240VAC and its not compatible with any other non-AU outlet.If this article was helpful for you, then do vote it up by clicking the green oval below, and don't forget to post your queries and helpful comments at the comment box below.

If you are looking to buy kindle power adapter for New Zealand, this 'Type I, Australia' is the one that you should get. You can buy this kindle power adapter online from Amazon for a cheap price if you get it together with a Kindle. Just check out the Amazon product link given at the right side of this text.


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