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Kindle Tablet Review

Updated on September 29, 2011

The new Kindle Fire is on sale starting November 15.  It is going to be one of the most popular Holiday gifts this season and it will definitely sell out fast.  Click Here to Preorder the Kindle Fire Now so that you can be guaranteed to get one in time for the Holidays

Amazon has recently announced that the Kindle will be growing up into a full fledged color touchscreen tablet. The Kindle Fire is the latest offering in the Kindle series from Amazon and in comes in the form of a cheap Android tablet. Amazon has been slow to enter this market and it's only after they've built up an empire of different media such as Apps, mp3s, TV Shows, Movies and digital books and magazines that they found a reason to bring it all together.

For this Kindle Fire review we'll cover what makes the Kindle Fire a great tablet for the best price, what features that it lacks and if it can overcome the competition.

Best Price Kindle Fire

The Kindle Tablet does a good job of providing amazing features and fully integrated media into an Android tablet but the reason that the Kindle Fire will be the most popular Christmas gift this season is due to it's price.  Amazon is only charging $199 for this tablet.  $199! That's it.  As you will see it has many of the same features that popular tablets like the Ipad, Xoom, and Tab have but cost $300 less.  So if you are even casually considering getting a tablet, you can't go wrong with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Kindle Tablet Features

The Kindle Fire is a 7 inch touchscreen that is both light enough to use in one hand but powerful enough to handle multitasking and video streaming effortlessly.  Starting with the display, it uses a technology called In-Plane Switching that provides it with a wide viewing area.  This allows you to share a movie with a friend or read a book to a child and both people can see the screen well.  On top of that, the screen features over 16 million colors with 169 pixels per inch which provides incredible depth to the colors. 

When it comes to streaming media, the Kindle Fire has a dual-core processor that can handle multitasking with the best of them.  So if you wanted to download a movie you can still surf the internet or listen to an album without it slowing down to a crawl.  Also, the Fire uses a specialized web browser, created by Amazon, that uses part tablet computing power and part cloud based computing power to provide increased speed when streaming video or surfing high capacity web pages.

The Kindle Tablet is also more portable and durable than other tablets.  It uses a specialized plastic that is 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than standard plastics.  This coupled with the smaller tablet size make traveling with it simple and efficient.

Finally, Amazon has sweetened the pot by throwing in free movies, TV shows and Apps.  Amazon's huge media collection includes over 100,000 movies and TV shows and they offer these to their Prime Members free of charge.  The Kindle Fire comes with a month of free Prime membership which gives you access to this collection and free 2-day shipping on anything you order from Amazon.  Plus, Amazon offers a "free app of the day" which is a normally paid app.  This lets you try out different games and utilities and helps to increase the functionality of the tablet.

Kindle Tablet Shortcomings

While the features that the Kindle Tablet provides are outstanding, the features it doesn't provide may be a deal breaker.  The most noticeable thing that it lacks is a microphone and video camera.  This rules out any Skype type video conferencing or home movie recording.  Another thing that hampers it's usability is there is no 3G capability.  This means that you will have to be in a WiFi hotspot in order to use it.  Most people will only be using this at home, so it's probably not a big deal, but for those who are looking to use it a lot on the road will be left out.

Kindle Tablet vs. Competition

So how will the Kindle Fire fair against the competition?  Only time will tell, but here are three things that bode well for it:

  1. The price of the Kindle Fire is ridiculously low for a Tablet of this quality.  This is reminiscent of how the TouchPad sold out when HP dropped the price to offload them.
  2. The media that Amazon has collected and offers is better than just about any of the marketplaces that the individual tablet companies offer.  This includes Apple.  So for those who prefer to use the tablet as an entertainment device, the Fire is top notch
  3. Amazon has a track record of providing outstanding products at reasonable prices and at just the right time.  With people looking towards Christmas to purchase a tech gift and so many people jumping on to the Tablet craze, the Amazon Kindle Fire is perfectly positioned to take advantage of it.


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