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How to Choose - Kindle versus NooK

Updated on May 19, 2016

Disclaimer for Kindle versus Nook

With technology, including eBook readers ever changing, in this article you will find information on the Kindle and Nook that was available a few years back. There have been upgrades, etc. with both of these eBooks; however, my article will focus on the Kindle and Nook that I actually used.

This article is about the basic Kindle and Nook -- not the wireless types. This Nook is the black and white one, not the color Nook.

Set up details on these devices will not be given here as well as information on other technical type features. This is a layman's review based on my use of the Kindle and the Nook.

Kindle versus Nook

There are many ebook readers available on the market today. The two you will find more about here is the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook.

Both were given to family members as gifts, so I no longer have them in my possession. However, I used both before they got away from me! (As an update, I am now the owner of a Barnes and Noble Nook which was a gift to me from a family member.)

Hopefully my review will help you choose between one or the other, or you may do as I did and decide to give both as gifts. You may even decide you would like to get a Kindle or Nook for yourself.

Kindle and the Nook

From afar, both the Kindle and the Nook appear to be about the same size, including the screen size. Both are relatively portable and light weight, so taking them around with you will not be a burden for you.

In fact, some people use both the Kindle and the Nook, either while at the airport, and on planes -- of course -- after it's announced that it is safe to turn on your electronic devices!

Looking at the screens for both, you may get the impressionthat due to the darkness of the screens, they may be hard on your eyes. No need to worry as you eyes will probably adjust to both screens.

The Kindle and the Nook screens are designed to reduce eye fatigue. Not once while I was reading from the Kindle or the Nook did I feel like my eyes were tiring, or that I needed to take a break due to eye fatigue. In my opinion, it is highly recommended to take a break once in a while to rest your eyes if you are reading from the Kindle or the Nook.

Kindle Likes

As discussed above, you may like the light weight of the Kindle, which makes it very easy to carry. You may also like the famous historical people who appear on the Kindle as screen savers. Because of the gray/black color background effects, these pictures seem even more authentic.

I also liked the way the pages softly fade and advance to the next screen page.

Nook Likes

This may be my own perception, but the screen seemed a little wider than the Kindle, which I liked.

Even though Amazon has what I think is an excellent return policy, regarding the Barnes and Noble Nook, I liked the fact that I could just drive to the nearest Barnes and Noble to return it if I had any problems. It just so happens that I did have to return a Nook. During the mad-dash a few days before Christmas, I mistakenly bought two Nooks as gifts, and had to return one. Just a short side story, my return of the extra Nook to Barnes and Noble was an enjoyable visit in and of itself. We had just went through a snow storm, and the customer service rep was telling me how her familily had a harrowing experience during their family travels through the snow!

You may like the white frame of the Nook when compared to the Kindle or you may prefer Kindle dark design. If you do not like the basic covers for these two devices, remember you can buy covers for both the Kindle and the Nook that will fit your preferences.

Kindle dislikes

If I had questions, I did not feel that I could get an answer right away from a real person -- so I guess that takes us back to the online purchase versus purchases from a brick and mortar store. Amazon returns are so easy, and it's sometimes even faster to get answers online instead of the traditional way -- face to face.

I do not recall if the Kindle or the Nook provided me the number of pages left to be read -- unless I overlooked it.

On the Kindle, I read Thinner, by Stephen King, which was so interesting, that I was steadily advancing from one screen to the other rather quickly. However, sometimes when i was reading, I would wonder how many pages were left to be read. Now as I said, this is from my memory. -- Maybe somewhere it showed the total number of pages left to be read.

Nook Dislikes:

On the Nook, I downloaded an online short story from Amazon that was a spoof of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol -- set in modern day time. Even though the story was short, I did not get a chance to complete it before writing this review of the Nook itself.

In my opinion, the transition from page to page on the Nook was not quite as pleasing as the softly fading of the pages on the Kindle. It seemed more like an "in your face" type page change, which is ok, but I prefer the page-turning on the Kindle better.

By the way, I finished reading the complete Stephen King's Thinner book, on the Kindle almost at one seating. At the same time I had a paperback version of the same book. Out of curiosity, I checked to see if the ebook and the actual book had the exact same contents. How did that turn out? On the Kindle's version, I did find a few typos that were not in the book!

Which One to Choose - Kindle or Nook

I'm reluctant to recommend either one, since the Kindle and Nook each has their own pluses and minuses -- but in my purview, both had more pluses overall! I recommend you try either the Kindle or the Nook and see which one you like the best.

The technology industry keeps feeding us new and innovative ideas, and I for one, think that we should take hefty bites of what they have to offer!

Happy Kindle or Nook shopping!

Kindle Versus the Nook! A Review!

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    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 6 years ago


      Thanks for your welcome! I appreciate your comments!


    • Neverletitgo profile image

      Abdinasir Aden 6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      very nice hub. I really kindle and I am very eager to buy one. Thanks for sharing and let me say to you lady, welcome to hub page.


    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 6 years ago

      floating mind,

      Thanks for your comments!


    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Nice comparison hub. I recently purchased a kindle for my mother. Now, you cannot pry it out of her hands. She wanted the kindle because it is smaller and lighter than a laptop and easier to carry about.

    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 6 years ago


      That's technology, I guess. I think the draw may be the portability and small size. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comment!


    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      I personally dont understand why you would want an ebook reader when you can have an ipad or laptop that can do everything for just a few hundred dollars more. I know ebooks have a special technology on the screen to make it read easier then monitors/LCD computer screens but is it really worth its own device now?

      thanks for sharing,