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The New Kindle 3G: Free 3G and Wi-Fi

Updated on November 12, 2010
Amazon's Kindle 3G
Amazon's Kindle 3G

The internet has changed a lot of things in the world. Years ago, we just had books, magazines and other written materials to get the information and background we need about things. People only go to the library to research on certain topics and study. However, technology has changed all this. Nowadays, we don’t need to go to the library all the time anymore as almost everything is on the web already. We just need an internet connection and a computer to get the information we need and we can do it in just a matter of minutes. We just need to search on a topic and everything about that topic comes out.

This advancement in technology has opened the doors of eBooks online. Instead of writing books in hard copy, people now write eBooks covering a wide variety of topics. Every topic that you need is now covered by eBooks. What followed from this was the emergence of electronic book readers. Different companies have now introduced eBook readers to the market. These eBook readers make it easier for people to read their eBooks wherever they are and they can scan through the pages and advance to any page they want to read just by clicking the specific page. eBook readers are very light compared to the number of eBooks that we can store in them. We just need to put this gadget inside our bags as compared to when we still have to bring the bulky books we used to carry. This is the biggest benefit an eBook reader can give us, it’s very rich information content as compared to the very little space we need to keep it.

Your eBooks and Periodicals are Available Wherever You Are
Your eBooks and Periodicals are Available Wherever You Are

With regards to being environment friendly, an eBook is much friendlier than cutting trees and making them into a paper to be used for our books. eBook readers may be a bit expensive upon it’s purchase but the length of time it could serve us and the rich content of information it can store makes us save a lot more money at the end.

Few months ago, Amazon announced its latest model of the 6-inch Kindle 3G eBook Reader. However, today it has already been divided into two models – the Wi-Fi Only and the Wi-Fi plus 3G model. The Wi-Fi only model sells at a cheaper price of $139 while the latter at $189.

The new built-in Wi-Fi makes it automatically connect to any nearby Wi-Fi network wherever you are which makes it easier and faster for you to download eBooks anytime. Your eBooks, periodicals and other magazines can be delivered to you in just a matter of seconds via Whispernet. Travel the world and still get the books you need with Kindle’s GSM technology with coverage in 100 countries and territories worldwide. Kindle also makes it possible for your newspaper and magazine subscriptions to be delivered to you wherever you are around the globe. This is truly making life easier for you and your loved ones.


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