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KindleDX-3G Wireless Reading Device

Updated on February 15, 2011

Kindle Reader

One of the most known e book reading device is Amazon Kindle. In one of its statement Amazon had already stated that Kindle now outsells paper books on their website. With its increasing popularity many of us are thing of possessing one.The Kindle being currently one of the most inexpensive e book reading devices where you can easily buy and download it in your kindle in wireless mode. The books available are in special.azw format. You can read from 1.8 million out-of-copyright books.

Sharp text and image
Sharp text and image

What is new in Kindle e-book

E Ink Perl Technology : This technology helps you to have better contrast for clearer text and shard image. With the screen measuring 9.7" diagonally there is enough space to have a comfortable reading.

Read in sunlight : You can read the kindle in sunlight ( outdoor reading) and the screen behaves as if you are reading a book.

Thickness: It has the same thickness as a magazine ( 1/3rd of an inch)

Wireless delivery of books: The books are delivered in less than 60 secs and it is independent of PC. These downloads are done through free 3G and the books can downloaded any time any where.

Battery life : it has along battery life (1 week with wireless on and 2 to 3 weeks wireless mode off)

Sharing: You can easily share important passages from your kindle to your twitter and face book friends.

Global coverage : Your kindle has coverage over 100 countries world wide. So you can easily carry it when you travel. You can store 3,500 books periodicals and documents. You can also carry your personal and professional documents.

Rotating screen: You can easily rotate the reading screen from portrait to landscape.

Whispersync feature: This feature helps you to read your favorite books through your Blackberry, Android and even through iPhone.

Read-to-me : If allowed by the publisher you can use this feature as books would be read to you. You can even choose a male or female voice and adjust the reading speed.

Listen to music: You can even listen to music or podcast while reading by loading MP3 files from your PC.

Inbuilt dictionary: Just pointing your cursor to any word you would get the meaning of the word as Kindle DX has an inbuilt New Oxford American Dictionary with over 250,000 entries.At present there are 3 different models of Kindles.There are two 6" versions only Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi +3G and another model 9.7" Kindle DX. The prices too differ considerably depending upon the characteristics available. Now comes the question of e-books and you can easily get e-books delivered in your kindle for a mere price of $9.99 or even less.

For people of US you can read simple text based web pages or news site in your DX from the in-built web browser.

Should I buy Kindle DX

It is a great boon to the book lovers as they would not have to carry heavy books with them. The wireless digital library is at their disposal and they can read any book of their choice. The instrument easily fits into your bag for its slim design. You can also read your favorite books while sunbathing.

There are three models available :

  • 6" diagonal Kindle Wi-Fi with a price tag of $139 available in Graphite color only.
  • 6" diagonal Kindle Wi-Fi + wireless with a price tag of $189 available in graphite gray and white.
  • 9.7' diagonal Kindle Wi-Fi+ wireless with a price tag of $379 available in graphite color.

1 year limited warranty and service is available with the purchase. In addition to that  2 years extended warranty is also available to US customers only which is optional.

So book lovers to get your Kindle Click here.


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