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Updated on August 11, 2011
Kingdoms of Camelot screenshot 1
Kingdoms of Camelot screenshot 1

Facebook is the biggest player in the online social networking world. It is really difficult to find an internet user that has not heard of it. In fact most people have a page on Facebook. Although it is primarily a networking site, it also has other applications on the side. One of the most popular of these applications is the game ‘Kingdoms of Camelot’: a medieval world of knights, lords and ladies - at war. It is a game so addictive that there are people known to have played it non-stop for 24 hours at a time.


The Game


The setting of the game, as the name indicates, is in the times of war, alliances and conquests: when Lord Camelot ruled and the names ‘Lord’ and ‘Lady’ were revered en-par with the gods. Merlin was the wisest of the wizards and also helps run the kingdom. There are barbarians roaming outside your castle wall and alliances and betrayals are everyday norms.

The end game will be, if ever, when one player or his alliance controls the entire domain.




‘Kingdoms of Camelot’ (KoC) is a strategy game. Just as in real life, the wars in KoC need to be fought wisely. General Patton once said ‘It is not your job to die for you country, but to make the other son-of-a-bitch die for his.’ This wisdom applies in Kingdoms of Camelot too. You build your own city making sure it has enough resources to thrive. Just when you think you have got it all made, the raids start. Neighbors start attacking you for your resources. We will see methods of defending yourself later, but unless you balance your growth and your power, you can end up being someone’s, eh… ‘farm’ is the term they use in KoC.




When you join the Kingdoms of Camelot you are in ‘protection’ mode. After a few days, when you are considered strong enough to stand on your own, you are on your own. The wolves start circling as soon as the protection is gone. They start probing to see how juicy a catch you are by sending in scouts. This is a good time to start looking for alliances.

An alliance is a group of players that get together for might and protection. It is an unwritten rule that an attack against one member is an attack to the whole alliance. That is why alliances compete to reach the highest might and members look to join them. It is like being at the top of the food chain, you’re the predator.


On a Personal Note


I have been playing Facebook’s Kingdoms of Camelot for quiet a while now. It has been a fascinating time, frustrating and enjoyable too. It was like going on an adventure when it all started and everything was new.

The rush of building a mini-kingdom from nothing is what hooks you. Then just as boredom is about to set in you discover the Global chat. You meet new friends, you get very, and I mean VERY, personal with some of the people. And you decide to play on.


Reeled In


From then it becomes more of an obligation than a game. You want to talk to your new friends, you want be with the ‘in’ crowd on KoC. Yes, like in real life there are ‘the’ people and then there are the ‘rest of us’, there are even some who actually pay real life cash to play in a game that is mostly free, but we will get into that later.  There are funny people that do not recognize people with might lower than a million. There are the sweet ones that keep supplying you with help whenever you need it. They will even protecting you against stronger enemies whether or not you are in their alliance. And then again there are the volatile ones that seem to enjoy attacking left and right for no apparent reason. They shrug and remind you: ‘Kingdoms of Camelot’ is a war game…and they are right.

The chat is where you will spend most of your building time when things are a bit slow. The global chat is never slow.


Once You’re in


The whole idea of the game is to gain might. Might, in Kingdoms of Camelot as in real life at least that’s what they say, allows you to be who you want to be: In this case the ‘Ruler of All the Kingdoms’. Megalomaniac as it may seem, that is the aim of the game.

You start out with an empty field that you are expected to build on. You are given 5,000 resources of food, wood, stone, ore and gold. It might look like a fortune, but trust you me, it is not. Let it not be considered jumping the gun, but there are deals that will be made involving millions of online and maybe hundreds of real life US dollars. If you are truly hooked you are going to pay at some time.

You start out by following the quests that are provided and fulfilling them one after the other. This will help you in keeping you in the right direction until you are more experienced and can play on your own.

There will be specific instructions like ‘Increase population cap’, or increase ‘food cap’. At first the increases and buildings will be very fast, in seconds in fact. But as the level of each building and farm or sawmill grows it will become gradually slower, taking a lot more time.

This will be a very good time to hang in the global chat and get to know people. At first they may appear cold and indifferent, that will only last until people get to know you better. If you’re of the type that walks in plays the game once and just leaves no one will get to know you and you will lose out on an exciting time.

Global chat is also a place where you will learn very much about how to play Kingdoms of Camelot wisely. You can learn a lot about defense and attack strategies from the more experienced players.  There are gems of tips that can save your city passed on in the chat that goes around.


Common-Law Rules & Game Tips


There are unspoken rules in the game. These are rules that are not written down anywhere, but ones that you will learn, or at least are expected to do so before actually being able to break them. Most players will let a first offence slide, if they think it is a genuine slipup. Some might not be so forgiving.

Let us look at some of these common law rules:

·         Never ever attack another member that belongs to an alliance. And that includes properties that he has conquered like wilds, lakes and forests. The whole alliance will come down on your head to make sure you pay the penalty they deem to be fair.

·         Even if a player is not in alliance be careful that he doesn’t have powerful friends. It really doesn’t make sense to go around attacking people when there are lots of resources called ‘wilds’ that have more value. A stronger but even more enriching thing would be to attack ‘barbarians’, they are fair game.

·         Keep working at building resources rather than waging wars. There is nothing more might-sapping than fighting a war. It will kill off your soldiers, deplete your sources, leave you open to counter attacks or attacks from other enemies and you won’t be making any friends.

·         In fact it is better to keep your troops hidden ‘in sanctuary’ than defending yourself. The more troops that are killed the more might you lose, and all the resources that you might lose are easily replaceable once you get to the right level.

·         A good idea would be to invest in your store. Every time you upgrade it you will be able to store more of your supplies away from any raiders. You can also raise the storage capacities by researching

Win at the Game


You are supposed to control the area near you, then move on to gobbling up weaker players. If you are lucky you get to have access to ‘farms.’ This is slang for either

So, how to win this war game? Here are a few tips to help you win in KoC should you be damned to be addicted to play that game!

·         Never ever make enemies unless you really have to. Even then try to settle arguments or quarrels as soon as possible. You never know when your opponent might hit you and make your game-life miserable.

·         If you can’t take it move join an alliance. Do not just jump into any alliance. Make sure there are sane people at the helm. You do not want to join a warmongering alliance only to find out that you’ve lost everything because the leader lost his head!

·         Join an alliance that doesn’t constantly require you to keep upgrading and building. Most gamers go online to escape from the dread of real life. You will quickly burn out if you start working at having fun. Choose a laid-back alliance with pretty much nice people in it. You can tell by chatting with them in the common (called global) chat room.

·         Know when to fight and also know when to run away – unless you have any might about 3.5 million that is. Even if you are attacked, make sure you save the person’s name and one day, you might have sweet revenge. What can you say? It’s a ruthless world out there and dog eats dog.

·         Try to build as much resources, especially food. Your soldiers will need it. Make sure that at least 60 percent of your buildings in the field are food farms. You cannot build a strong army without being able to feed them. They will desert you.

·         Once you have exhausted the building places in your field, move on to conquering wildernesses. You do not need to start at the bottom, if you have the might you can straight away jump to conquering wildernesses levels 5 and above.

·         Once you have conquered the wilderness, you can leave them undefended. Most players respect wildernesses that are conquered by others. You should do so too. Besides, your troops are more valuable raiding Barbarian camps and conquering more wildernesses.

·         The more wildernesses you conquer the better your chances of finding various crests that let you build even more cities – and hence power.

·         Always, at least, as often as you can try to share trophies and gold coins with other friends on Facebook. This will not only make you popular among your friends, it will also let you earn more gifts and surprises in return.

·         Once in a while, a pop up appears to let you know that the circus is in town, and asks you if you want to share the happiness. Do so, because your happiness will increase as well.

Just have fun!

Finally, the main thing is that you just go ahead and have fun – that way, you win. Even if you lose!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago from Port Byron

      Simplistic and out of date (for at least the last few months you've been able to "trap" your wilds to defend them) but still good. However, if you never fight a war...what's the point to having an army? Busting through someone's wall is the height of pleasure...only topped by logging on and last-second STOPPING someone from busting through your own wall!

      Also, "sanctuary" is only good until your food income is negative. At that point, you'd better be defending, or you'll lose troops to desertion when you get hit rather than losing them to an attack. Of the two, I'd rather lose them in an attack. At least that way I know I took some with me!

    • Luke Zelleke profile imageAUTHOR

      Luke Zelleke 

      7 years ago

      Hi, Bob.

      First of all remember that this is war game, and although I hate to say it 'all is fair in love and war'. But here's what I do when I get attacked, I send a message to whomever attacked me and tell him that its jut not nice! Surprised? It works most of the time, because other players are just looking for 'farms' - kingdoms that have been abandoned by players who've quit. So, they might have mistaken you kingdom for an abandoned one. And second, make sure that you do not have your soldiers in 'protect' mode, because that is one sure way of losing a lot of might real fast. Keep them in hiding till you are mighty strong, at least 2,000,000 in strength. It is better to lose resources than soldiers.

      But if you really hate being attacked, join an alliance. If it is especially strong, no one will dare touch you!

      Good luck!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i hope theres other way than whisper to know they are online or not. allways get aatack when im offline. really need help.

    • Luke Zelleke profile imageAUTHOR

      Luke Zelleke 

      7 years ago

      Lord Samurai,

      It's a pleasure. See you at KOC.

    • profile image

      Lord Samurai 

      7 years ago

      thank u!


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