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Know Some FAQs Before Purchasing a Wind Turbine for Your Home

Updated on December 5, 2014

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Wind energy is not free
Wind energy is not free

How much cost of wind energy per kilowatt hour?

With the innovation of new technology, the price of wind energy has much lowere than ever before. In fact, in USA wind energy has cut down its price more than 90% relative to 1980. Since, wind energy is totally dependable on wind resources, the cost efficiency is calculated against how fast and how frequently the turbine is rotated. Higher turbine speed means more power and low price cost. Now, how to calculate the “average capacity” of wind energy? It’s simple, “average capacity” means the percentage of turbine power divided by the power of turbine if it blows all the time.

For home purpose the average installation cost of wind energy varies from $30,000 to $70,000 depending on your demand. However, if you need very tiny off grid wind turbine for example 1 KW that will cost you around $4,000 to $10,000. Many federal state government encourages people for installing wind turbines under a leasing program.

Cost of wind Energy

The cost of installing wind energy decrease significantly from 1980 to 2020
The cost of installing wind energy decrease significantly from 1980 to 2020 | Source

How long turbine should I install for producing electricity?

Wind turbine comes with 20 watt to 100 KW power depending on your application. For residential purpose you should calculate the power consumption in your home before using it. Generally, The resident of the USA needs 5-KW power in their home for operating all the equipments. For that amount of electricity 18 foot diameter turbine will be alright for you. However, the size of the turbine depends on the total power you actually need. Typically, for residential purposes that range varies between 2 KW to 10 KW (12 feet to 25 feet diameter), the average speed of wind blow, the height of the turbine from the ground and so on. The manufacturer will provide you enough information that actually you need for generating exact power.

What will happen if the wind stops blowing?

Wind turbines can be variable as the wind will not continually blowing to your system. Off-grid turbines can store power in the battery and can supply electricity at the critical moment. However, if you are within the national grid connection system, you will not notice the effect of wind on your turbine. Your utility will supply you the required electricity and, if any extra electricity is generated it will send back to the utility for supplying power to the other user.

Is it necessary to take measurement of wind?

No, it is not necessary to take measurement of the wind, your supplier will measure wind blowing and will decide the type of turbine you require. If the wind blowing rate is average below than 12 mph, then you should think twice before purchasing it. How in this case the direction of wind is not mandatory. It is required if you live a busy city or irregular terrain. Request your supplier to take wind measurement as long as possible not less than three months because the more you take wind measurement the more you will get confident.

Windmill in Denmark


How much land is required for installing wind turbines?

Industrial wind turbines are much bigger relative to the home turbines. Typically a 2-MW wind turbine requires around 116 feet long blades and that will cover 80 acre land. However, that does not mean you need 80 acres in total. You need only 1% of the total land and the rest of the land will be used for different purposes, for example farming, cattle ranching and so on. A wind turbine need as little as 1 acre per megawatt power.

How can I maintain my wind turbine power system?

The wind turbine should be performed as little as 20 years. An expert professional will inspect the total system of your system throughout the whole year, whereas other small turbine can be maintained remotely from a computer.

Why seashore is suitable for placing wind turbines?

Wind blowing from the seashore is more reliable than offshore. Offshore turbine are still not developed that mark and still they are expensive. If we install an offshore wind turbine than your total project might be failed completely. However, in coming years the offshore turbine will be available and the cost will deduced at a significant price.

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