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Known Issue with SMART Notebook

Updated on May 18, 2012
SMART Notebook 11 Icon
SMART Notebook 11 Icon | Source

I work the Technical Help Desk at a small AV company in England. Recently SMART has released it's newest version of software to go with their interactive white boards; SMART Notebook 11.

For most users, SMART Notebook has worked wonderfully and they've used it without issue. However, for some users they encounter a rather unusual problem.

The Problem

The problem is this: the user cannot use their fingers to interact with the SMART Board. Pens work normally, you can write with them and the marks appear exactly where they should be. You cannot, however, use your finger to manipulate the cursor, no dragging, no double-clicking, nothing.

The board appears to function normally, with a stable green light in the corner indicating everything is working as it should. Therefore this is not an issue with the board itself.

Is There a Solution?

The short answer is, not yet. My company so far has only come across three separate instances of this issue, two in a classroom setting, and one internally.

We've run our own tests, using SMARTs uninstallers to deinstall and reinstall the software, deleting registry keys, and even removing the users version , and replacing it with an older version or a newer version. Our IT Technician and one of our engineers both have spoken to SMART and one of SMART's warranty companies.

Our queries were met with either "we don't know", or complete denial that there is a problem with the software.

What Can You Do?

If you are experiencing this problem with your SMART Solution, I would advise contacting SMART directly.


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    • authorsarahohara profile image

      Sarah Spelbring 5 years ago from South Dakota

      It's not just Windows 7, most of the laptops are running Windows XP. Two more of these popped up today and both of those were XP.

    • profile image

      Karen 5 years ago

      Hi Sara:

      If you have Windows 7, I think that the article here will be most illuminating for you:

      Good luck! I'm one of SMART's Training Specialists.