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Kobo Vox Apps - Free and Games

Updated on March 25, 2015

My Kobo

A snapshot of my Kobo Vox
A snapshot of my Kobo Vox | Source

Kobo Vox Apps

As anyone who read my review of the Kobo Vox knows, I am the proud owner of one. It is a great eReader, but also offers more in the way of entertainment and productivity.

I am currently using my Kobo Vox to write this article, as I have installed the AK Notepad app. The best part of this app is the fact I can use my Kobo to write the article, then log into my Catch (available through Google) account on my laptop and simply copy and paste to HubPages. Who needs an iPad when the Kobo has such a great feature?

In addition to the AK Notepad app, I have also installed a few games. Solitaire, Connect Four, Tic Tac Toe, and Jewels Pop are my newest. My son took the liberty of adding Angry Birds and a Zombie game minutes after I opened it.

There are also Health and Fitness apps available, such as Yoga for Life, Home Remedies, Brain Soothe, Herbal Healing for Everyone and Weight Control (lite). The few I have named are apps I have personally installed; there are many more available. Yoga, meditation, prescription drug references, medical information, diabetic information, cardio exercise and weight loss apps are also available.

For those who wish to improve productivity there are To Do List apps and Scheduling apps. I have yet to utilize either of these, although I do have them installed. There is also an Office app which will assist in productivity, especially for those who would like to spend more time away from their desk yet get some work done.

There are many Just for Fun apps available as well. The best thing to do is browse the app store to find what you like. The apps I have installed have all been free, although some do have a paid version available. I know I haven't even come close to viewing the 15,000+ apps available. For those of you who own an Android phone or eReader, what are your favorite apps?

Update February 7, 2012

As I have used my Kobo Vox more, I have found more apps that I have been able to utilize. The first is Jewels Deluxe and it is similar to Bejeweled (one of my favorites). The other is called Smart Office, and uses Office 2003 documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It comes in handy for those charts and budgets that may need some tweaking or designing while you are away from your computer. Both of these apps are currently free. For those who like Mario Karts, there is an equivalent version called Krazy Kart Racing. I am just as bad at this one as I am at Mario Karts.

I also downloaded eBuddy, which allows chatting via Facebook, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, GMail and several others. I use it with my MSN Messenger account and it works great. Chess, Mahjong, Journal Notes and My Notes (equivalent to Sticky Notes) are also other apps I have downloaded. I have yet to play Chess or Mahjong; I am not even sure if they work. The app called HopChess (Chinese Checkers) doesn't work; I am not sure if it is the same for anyone who installs it or if it is just a problem with my unit. It would be interesting to know if others have had problems with it as well.

One last note: for the Word Searchaholics out there, there are a couple of apps for that too! If you have any you enjoy or if you found some that don't work, please share. Thank you!


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