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Kodak Pulse 7-Inch Digital Frame Reviews

Updated on July 14, 2011

The special thing of this kodak pulse 7-inch digital frame is that I like about this frame that the way it looks. Of course it looks better than most of the digital wooden frame. It is designed to mount on the wall.

But according to other reviews it is said that the frame is bulky. It is not really. It is actually slimmer and lighter. It is a touch skin operated digital frame and pretty simple to use. The touch skin is actually works great. The menu button is very simple to use. And by touching anywhere in the screen they will be displayed. When you turn it on for the first time it will ask you to configure it. This configuring process is simple and will not take much time. One thing is to be noted here, manual and prompt messages on the screen failed to notify you that network configuration is not necessary starting using the frame.

When it is configured once, you can load facebook pictures automatically into it. And you can enter Kodak website for your website and upload your pictures through it. It is really an awesome technology.

There are some points to share with: 1st one which is related to the quality of the picture, I have a cyber shot Sony Ericson camera phone. I usually take pictures in a wide screen format with that phone. The pulse will automatically resize the photo to 4:3 frames. Thus the details are lost of the picture. The second thing that I found in that frame is the input for the USB drive. If I move it for some reason then it was being disconnected some times. This is very annoying. This thing should be avoided in a digital frame.

Except that, this kodak pulse 7-inch digital frame is great to use and I can strongly recommend it as I used some other devices in the past.

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