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Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera

Updated on October 6, 2009

KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera
KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera


I read so many reviews of these products on a couple different websites. I wanted a handheld recorder which the expectation that it was not a regular camcorder. I just wanted something small enough to fit my pocket. I got it a couple days before my trip and played with a little. I took it to a concert, for the true test. Granted my seats were pretty close, but I was not disappointed. I am so glad I had it on hand when my favorite music artist surprised the concert I was at and sang a song. I was thrilled to have captured the whole moment on this device. now I have been able to share it with some many others and will always have it to look back at.

KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

The Kodak Zi6 boasts a similar pop-out USB connector to those featured on the Flip devices.It comes supplied with two pre-charged AA batteries and a mini-charger to recharge them when flat, which is ideal for a device designed to be carried around all over the place.The Zi6's picture quality is the best of this type of video recorder, though a little more intensity in the colour department would've been good. It even offers a macro mode for filming close to your subject.Audio quality is uncommonly high too, with a decent degree of volume, though our only complaint is that it does pick up a little too much background noise at times.The Zi6 has only 128MB of internal memory, but you can expand this with an SD or SDHC card. There isn't one in the box, but they're phenomenally cheap these days, so this shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Finally, the Zi6 is easy to operate and makes excellent High Definition movies. The only problem I have had is that I neglected to turn it off and filled up my 4 GB memory card. Even though I left it on, the batteries are still in good shape and I have not had to recharge them yet. I would highly recommend this camera.


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