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Korean Gaming Mouse

Updated on March 15, 2013
Boxer's Mouse in Intel ad
Boxer's Mouse in Intel ad | Source

Korean Pro Gaming Mouse (Starcraft mainly)

Gaming as a professional career (pro gaming) has been a rather established sport in Korea, especially for the game of starcraft and in the future probably Starcraft 2. If you have been wondering what mouse do korean pro gamers use, then this is the hub for you to decide what to buy. They have a particular preference for certain types of mice. Before you go all out to purchase them from amazon or elsewhere, keep in mind that starcraft was a low resolution game at about 800x600. You would probably want an upgraded version of the following mice for starcraft 2, but the following examples work out for a good experience in playing the classic game. You could also get any of them for your collection. Boxer seems to use a Deathadder (razer) like some of the other korean pro gamers. The Deathadder seems quite popular for those who choose a Razer.

Razer has also been very active in seeking out endorsements from korean professional gamers, such as MVP's Dong Rae Gu, which you can see at

Mx 518

The M 518 has been upgraded to many other different mx, but the base mouse has been a mainstay in the hands of many professional gamers. Pro-Gamers are often found using this mouse, especially even those from other countries, who use it for games outside of starcraft like in korea, for strategy such as warcraft or fps like counterstrike or left for dead 2.

It's sturdy build quality and a decent laser device makes it good bang for buck.

It should last you even for starcraft2. Update: The mouse has held up decently well on a high res screen in Starcraft 2. Works well for 1680 x 1050, but if you're pushing 1920 screens you might want a more pricey gaming mouse! Nevertheless the MX518 makes a good backup.

The Mini Opticals

Probably the most basic mouse that is still widely used by progamers in korea today. This is especially so in high prize pool starcraft tournaments that are televised.

You can purchase one for under 20 dollars, with a better optical driver at the bottom than in the past. As it has been out for so long, special designs are also freely available. There are football decal versions as well as tiger or leopard stripe casings.

If you intend to play newer games, you will want higher dpi pc gaming mouse though. Koreans usually pair this low dpi mouse with a cheap but heavily modified keyboard, and usually any random mouse pad out there.

Logitech G3

The most expensive of the lot, the G series has also had many successors.

However, if you're ready to spend so much, unless you're intending to purchase a special mouse just for starcraft, you might do better splurging a bit more for a razer deathadder.

Or if you have the money and need a wireless and cordless ability, you could consider the razer mamba that is very very expensive and exclusive.

Others like Steelseries

Steelseries has also made quite a name for itself and is also very popular. One advantage it has over the Razer is that it seems to be more durable, the finishing Razer uses for its black mouse tends to have issues after a while.

The steelseries Xai is one of the more popular ones, although steelseries mouse in general do tend to resemble original mice and has less of the sleek design as that of Razer. Some people do prefer steelseries for its feeling in their grip.


Expect to see korean gamers use more modern mice though as money changes hands and people get sponsored. It is very likely Razer will move further into the asian market and sponsoring more top tier korean progamers, with people around the world following suit, and Steelseries being more comfortable marketing to a english speaking dominated gaming base who are looking out for a good gaming grade mouse. Heck, I expect some enterprising company to make a golden mouse mouse out of sheer kicks and mimick the prize of korean starcraft tournaments.

As it so happens, Razer has went in and sweeped into expanding its net with League of Legends and Dota 2 additions to its roster in Asia and elsewhere, like the addition of Taipei Assassins (from Taiwan).


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