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LCD 3D TV - UK's Best Sky 3D Ready HDTV from Samsung, the LE40C750

Updated on September 27, 2010

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Samsung LE40C750 40-inch Full HD 3D TV

You've probably been amazed by 3D films at the cinema from Avatar to Toy Story 3, maybe you have experienced 3D Sport at pubs in the UK, with Premier League matches being shown in 3D, but nothing can prepare you for sitting on your sofa and experiencing 3D TV. Lovers of LCD TVs can rejoice that the new Samsung LE40C750 is the first 3D LCD TV to be out in the UK at a reasonable price with a world class specification. The TV starts at around £800 meaning you can have a full 3D home setup with a 40 inch TV for under £1000 right now. Just think about that for a moment.

The LE40C750 features 200Hz and an incredible 300,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. Samsung have not just gone for headline figures however (although 200Hz is hardly slow), instead they looked at the whole package and produced a clever system using the panel, backlight technology and a powerful chipset to produce what they say is the equivalent of a 400Hz TV. The results are amazing. Fact is quality components put to work together will always product better results in the real world, over headline selling numbers designed to sell to uninformed audiences. Within a minute of viewing, you can tell the LE40C750 is a no compromise package in this respect. Great news for non-Sky or Virgin Media UK viewers is the built in Freeview HD tuner which means you will be able to get all current and future Freeview HD channels with no subscription ever straight out of the box. Saving you a good £80-100 on a HD receiver. However its the 3D feature which is the main reason you would want to buy this LCD TV.

The Samsung 3D Starter Kit  brings the LE40C750 to life
The Samsung 3D Starter Kit brings the LE40C750 to life

As with all of the new Samsung 3D Ready TV's, it features Samsung's own 3D engine which includes the ability to convert 2D content into 3D. It produces similar results to upscaling a DVD to HD. Its good and a nice feature but you could probably live without it. However once you see true 3D content via a Blu Ray player or Sky 3D you will not want to go back to standard TV. You need to pick yourself up the Samsung 3D starter kit which includes two pairs of glasses, and once you get those you will never go back. The starter kit even comes with a free 3D Blu Ray movie, currently Monsters vs Aliens so you can get straight in and start watching 3D content. Animated films are some of the most impressive usage of 3D due to their graphics being 3D anyway. It really enhances the film.

Internet TV that actually works!

Samsung have also packed the LE40C750 with what they call Internet@TV and it works brilliantly. Think of it not as a replacement for your computer but as quick easy access to video content, and social networking from your sofa. It works similarly to Wii Channels or iPhone Apps. Simply click the channel button and you can access YouTube, LOVEFiLM, Twitter and handily BBC iPlayer. This is a great feature and only requires an Ethernet cable or a Samsung wireless dongle plugged into the TV. Its very easy to set up, and is one of those features you may not think you want, but you can not do without once you have it! Unlike on some TV's the Samsung Internet@TV works smoothly and logically.


Another feature rarely seen on larger LCD TV's, is the extended PVR that Samsung have included. The LE40C750 allows you to plug in a USB stick or external hard drive, and play content off the drive, movies, picture or music. This is nice feature, however with the PVR you can select programs you want to record and then record them to the USB stick. Just plug one in, select the date, channel, time and leave it.

One final thing to consider with a 3D TV is the positioning of your sofa. You want it "movie style". Right in front. This position really allows you to take in the 3D experience, and make your sofa more like a home theatre than ever before.

NOTE: The Samsung LE40C750 works in 3D with the PS3.

Comments or Questions?

Whats your experiences with 3D ready HDTV's? What things would you recommend readers buy? Have you tried a 3D computer or other related 3D products. Leave a comment we would love to hear from you.


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