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LED Light Fixtures Downtown

Updated on March 11, 2010

LED Lighting

LED Lighting and Urban Planning

For years now urban planning has been an important and necessary career in the industrialized world. Whether someone is planning a new town or revitalizing an existing one, smart urban planning is an integral part of making the area functional and appealing. One specific concern urban planners have been focusing on lately is the downtown area of a city.  As most people know, downtowns are often where many of the key businesses and financial institutions are located and thus it is important to draw people to these buildings. If the overall in this part of town are not inviting, then folks will not want to go down there to spend money or fulfill their banking needs.

However, there are some great options out there to spruce up any downtown such as adding LED lighting and site furniture. The first of these two components, lighting is essential to making sure people feel safe at night in urban areas as well as showing off the best features of all the surroundings. Using LED technology improves efficiency while offering high quality light. Plus, new developments in light technology offer different options in color while cutting down on light pollution, a benefit that will likely improve human health. Finally, the sleek design will give any area a sophisticated, modern look.

Another way to boost the ambiance of a downtown is to purchase quality site furniture. Site furniture refers to items such as tables, chairs, benches, trash and recycling receptacles, bike racks, and transit stops. These products should be chosen not just on their functionality, but also on their ability to create an inviting atmosphere. And while the visual aspect of site furniture is important, it is also necessary to consider the durability and engineering of the products. Because site furniture is located outside, finding a company that produces furniture which resists corrosion and UV is key. Without these layers of protection you will have to refinish or replace the items within a few years. A company that makes really dependable and long lasting items will typically offer a warranty on everything they put out. 

When selecting a supplier for lighting and site furniture one should always select a company which offers numerous styles so that you can find the right aesthetic to suit your needs whether that means revitalizing a downtown, sprucing up a college campus, or turning a corporate courtyard into a pleasurable oasis for employees to enjoy on their lunch or coffee break.


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