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LED Television Reviews 2016

Updated on December 2, 2015

LED TVs are the next natural evolution in LCD TVs. They use much brighter and more efficient light sources, than the older LCD TVs. On the down side LED TVs tend to be a bit thicker and heavier compared to the more traditional ones. However, this draw back might be overcome in later models.

In LED television reviews 2016 I will take a quick look at some of the year's best LED televisions. The most important factor in determining the price of a LED TV is it's size. We selected our top television picks so they have different sizes and prices.

Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV

This Samsung HDTV is seen as one of the top HD ready televisions currently on the market. You will find it in the top 5, of the best television lists, of many electronics magazines and web sites. It is also one of the first televisions to utilize 3D technology, however due to its infancy the picture quality for 3D still requires some work.

On the positive side is it's overall design making it looking sleek and modern and it does have an absolutely crystal clear picture with no distortion of colors. The only real drawback that the more shadowy parts of the picture can sometimes seem a little too bright. This however is a very minor issue.

This TV has a refresh rate of 240 Hz which is the highest refresh rate available. It means that even if the camera moves around very quickly the image is completely smooth. With some cheap TVs the refresh rate can be as low as 60 Hz and when the camera moves quickly, the image jumps.

I am also looking forward to the Samsung applications that you can download right onto your television and seeing what the future holds for Samsung's TVs.

Top LED television 2016
Top LED television 2016

Sony Bravia EX700 Series 52-Inch LED HDTV

I love how this Sony Bravia television comes with its own Bravia internet which means you can stream different movies and shows, straight from the internet, to your television. It comes with a Wi-Fi dongle and the connection is straight forward, even for those not so technically minded.

I feel that the picture quality is what you come to expect from Sony. I gives a crisp and vibrant feeling to what was showing on the screen. But that is what you get from a 1080p resolution. This part of the television really is second to none and on this size of screen, you feel as if you are physically there. They do seem to have managed to do better with dark colors than other HD televisions on the market.

The sound quality is also very good but can always be enhanced by getting surround sound rather than relying on the set's speakers.

The overall design of the television itself is sparkling and it blends in well with the Sony stand, giving it a great overall look for your money.

Westinghouse LD-3255VX 32-Inch 720p LED HDTV

This 32 inch television with its slim design can just fit in perfectly to any corner of the room. The screen may be smaller than others available but that does not mean it is of poorer quality. In actual fact it is capable of a stunning picture with a good blend of colors and brightness control, so it is not too in your face or overpowering.

It is a good television to use if you have friends around and want to hook up your games console. It is big enough to give you a good picture and it is easy to connect with the same going for using it with your PC, but you would have to sit a bit further back. I like how it has multiple inputs so technically you can connect your DVD, games console, cable box and camcorder without running out of ports.

One possible downside is that to get the full experience you will need to connect it to surround sound speakers.

So for a games machine or for a television in a smaller room this will do the job nicely but for a larger room you should probably look for a bigger model, to fully appreciate the quality.

LED TV review 2016
LED TV review 2016
ViewSonic from the side
ViewSonic from the side

ViewSonic VT2300LED 23-Inch 1920x1080p LED LCD HDTV

What I enjoy about this television is that the size means I can use it for a television in a bedroom or I can hook it up to my computer and use it as my monitor. It means I can get a high resolution picture for both devices.

It is lightweight and can fit easily on a bedside cabinet or a computer desk. The only real downside of this television is that the speakers are on the back. While they talk about the fantastic sound from it the speakers location is on the back so that does mean the sound is pushed backwards, so you might want to consider trying to solve that problem by connecting your own speakers.

But even with the sound problem you get good value for your money. It is a television more on the lower cost range, but you get a decent enough picture and the television itself does not too bad either.

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