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LG 60PV450 60-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV Customer Review

Updated on September 25, 2011

LG TV: Success or Failure?

LG Products tend to be up there when it comes to electronic products such as televisions and home theater systems. One of their most popular plasma HDTV to date is the LG 60PV450 Plasma HDTV. Before we have a look at the specifications, let us first make sure that a plasma TV is what you need. The debate between plasma vs lcd vs led TVs have been going on for a while. Over the past few years, the noticeable differences between these different TVs have been becoming less apparent, with the only difference being the TV technology itself.

Just know that if you are looking to watch sports or play video games then at this moment, you are better off having a plasma TV because they react much better to fast motion pictures. LED and LCD TVs perform well however you might experience motion blur from time to time.

So let us begin with this LG Plasma HDTV Review. The first thing you should know is that this TV provides a full 1080pp HD experience. The overall picture quality is excellent and you will not find too many TVs that can outperform in terms of picture quality and depth. This TV also has a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1. On top of picture quality, you get a great sense of depth and color vibrancy. For example, darker areas in movies will appear clearer. If you are not good with tweaking TV controls then you do not have to worry too much as this TV contains an intelligent sensor that automatically adjusts the picture controls for you.

So what did customers have to say about this LG TV? One customer commented that the pictures were crisp and clear, however, it was not as great as expected. However, one good aspect of this TV was the reduction in light glares when the TV was placed in bright light conditions.

Another customer commented that for its price/screen size ratio, you are not going to find many better deals in the current market. He also praised the thinness of the TV frame, commenting that it appeared to have a thinner frame than most plasma TVs of late. So what is your opinion on this LG TV? Let us know!


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