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LG G Watch

Updated on May 8, 2015

I bought the LG G Watch a month ago. Luckily I got a discount. I see the price has gone up since my purchase. So I choose my timing right. The discount price was 79€, it was almost my birthday and I was checking out smart watches since forever. So finally: I got it!

The LG G Watch is part of the Android Wear Collection, which I see as an advantage. That's because the Android Wear Collection is ever growing and more apps are being created every day. Android Wear is a Google OS for watches. It uses the touchscreen for navigation as well as voice commands with Google Now. I don't use the voice commands a lot, because I don't feel like my commands are getting executed. Google now always just gives me Google Search results, but that's usually not what I'm looking for. You're supposed to say: “OK Google, navigate to *some place*” Then I expect the watch to open navigation en navigate to the location I want to go. Instead I get search results for navigating to … That means that the watch shows me the standard Google search webpage with some results I don't need. I've read reviews of other people who claim the Google Now to work fine. So I must be doing something wrong!


Furthermore you can choose your custom watch face: analog, digital or completely the way you want it to be. I currently use the “Beautiful Weather Watch Face”. You can download those apps free from Google Play. This watch face shows me battery levels of the watch and the phone, weather forecast and of course a clock. Below is a list of the apps I tried and approved.

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The Android Wear Watch coöperates with your smartphone. So you need to install the Android Wear app on your phone. This app allows you to change some settings. The Android Wear app also synchronises the apps on your phone with the smart watch. All new apps need to be installed on the smartphone. The Android Wear app then synchronises the apps that are smart watch ready and makes them accessible on the watch.

Your Android Wear watch needs to stay within bluetooth distance of the phone. Otherwise they will be disconnected. There's an app to report when you're disconnected. You'll never forget your phone again.

The LG G watch is a good and trustworthy smart watch. Battery life is about 2 days, depending on how much you use it. The first two days, I had to charge it every day, but nog I just wear it and use it only when I get notifications. The watch is charged on the charging station. You don't need to plug in any cables. You just put it in the right direction on top of the charging dock. When the watch has shut down, you also need the dock to restart it. The LG G has a square screen that times out after a few seconds. When you move your arm towards your face to read the clock, the screen turns on automatically. The watch is a little water resistant. But I don't think you can take it swimming.

The apps I use

Google Maps:
start navigating on your phone and follow the instructions on your watching
Wear Aware:
notifies you when phone and watch get seperated
Wear Mini Launcher:
another launcher
for watching photo's
Google Fit:
tracks your fitness
Wear Speaker:
put your phone on speaker when you receive a call
Play Music:
play music on your phone, change the song or volume

There are many other apps that are worth a try. But for the truly stunning applications, we'll have to wait a few more months until a new generation of watches will be built. I believe that Android Wear smart watches are the closest to what a smart watch should be. And it's not hard to see the possibilities for the future. You might even be tempted to build Android Wear apps and change the face of the new generation Smart Watches.

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    • blondie2world profile image

      blondie2world 2 years ago

      Thanks! :)

    • Jkurbs profile image

      Kerby Jean 2 years ago from Canada

      Nice Work