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A Secure Limousine Software

Updated on September 28, 2011

One of the key ingredients to running a successful limousine company is the ability to take online reservations. Not JUST take online reservations, but to take them SECURELY.

Majority of the limo operators out there setup a simple HTML form using dream weaver or some other "form generator" software and read in some extremely confidential information without taking any security measures. One of the most common security measure out there is installing an SSL certificate (where your website goes from HTTP to HTTPS). Although, this is a critical step in securing online reservations, is not the only step. After the form is submitted it's normally emailed to the limousine company in PLAIN TEXT.

Why is this a problem? When an email goes out in plain text it has to travel through intermediate computers before reaching its final destination, meaning it's relatively easy for others to intercept and read the email. Also, many Internet Service Providers (ISP) store copies of e-mail messages on their mail server before & after they are delivered. The backups of these can remain for up to several months on their server, despite deletion from the mailbox.

So, simply put, it's always a bad idea to accept credit cards for online bookings without incorporating email security (such as password protected PDF emails). is one of the limousine software companies out there that does utilize email security by default. It includes encrypted PDF support for all of its customers. You can find additional information by visiting


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