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Label Printer Buying Tips

Updated on September 27, 2011

How a Label Printer Can Streamline Your Office and Improve Your Image

Do you need a label printer? If you work in a small office, run your own home business, frequently ship things, and so forth, a label printer can save you time and money. It can help you organize, make your products look more professional, and even streamline some of your systems.

With a good device you can potentially create and print shipping labels, address labels, postage, name badges, bar code labels, file and folder labels, CD labels, bottle labels, and much more. By connecting to your computer you can create customized labels, include your logo, insert images, choose your font, and brand yourself.

These small devices won't take up much space and they're easy to use. Learn more about choosing label printers and find some well respected models below.

Buying Tips

When choosing a label printer there are a few things to consider and compare before making your choice:

  • Resolution
    You want to be sure that the labels you create will be crisp and clean, easy to read. 300 dpi is good for text and even small images.
  • Color versus Monochrome
    Many label printers will produce good looking black print on white labels. However, some will also allow the added versatility of printing in color.
  • Print Technology
    Printer ink and toner is expensive. Thermal technology doesn't require an ongoing investment in ink and toners.
  • Label Sizes
    Some of these devices produce 2" labels, others are wider, all the way up to 4". Some will print a variety of sizes, including round labels.
  • Ease of Use
    Drop in rolls make loading labels or tape much quicker. Some devices even offer the ability to keep two separate rolls of paper loaded at any given time. This cuts down on time spent swapping out paper. How important such things are may depend upon the volume of label printing you will be doing.

    A label printer that offers label templates can make them easier to use as well. An interface that also allows you to print directly from other programs (like Microsoft Outlook or Word) can save a great deal of time by not requiring you to re-type information.
  • Print Speed
    The higher volume of label printing you do, the more important speed will be. For instance, a model that can print 20-30 labels per minute may be fine for lighter use, but 60-70 labels per minute would be more useful in a higher volume environment.
  • Versatility
    Some of these devcices offer more versatility than others. Size and color aren't the only things that may vary. Some of these printers give you more font choices, the ability to integrate with other programs for more creativity, software that allows you to draw images or to import images from elsewhere, and so forth.

The Many Uses of the Brother Label Printers

Brother QL-570

This label printer from Brother will produce professional looking labels in variety of sizes and configurations, even round labels. It's quiet and fast, producing up to 68 labels per mintue with 300x600 dpi resolution for crisp text and sharp edges thanks to the heavy duty automatic cutter.

This printer is easy to use with drop in label rolls and a front facing, easy-access control panel. It comes with P-touch software for making customized designs and for integrating with Microsoft applications for even greater versatility. It's compatible with both PC and Mac machines. It will accept labels rolls up to 2.4" wide.

Dymo LabelWriter 450

Perfect for home and a small office, this label printer can produce labels in a variety of sizes. Users can save time by creating labels directly from the text in Microsoft Word documents, Excel, Outlook, QuickBook, and other programs. It can print up to 51 labels per mintue.

This affordable device also holds costs down over time with it's thermal printing technology which requires no expensive ink or toner to replace. The included software includes handy features like "Address Fixer" that verifies US addresses and zip codes.

The Twin Turbo model will produce up to 71 labels per minute. Users can even print USPS approved postage with no monthly fee or contracts. Because this label printer allows you to use 2 separate rolls at a time, you can even print address labels and postage (as an example) without having to take the time to swap out rolls.

Smart Label Printer 450

This is a great medium to light duty model. It can create labels as fast as 30 per minute and uses thermal printing technology so that you don't have to purchase toner or ink. It offers 300 dpi resolution and can print in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. It features built-in Serial and USB connections.

It allows users a great deal of versatility by using the fonts and typefaces available in their word processing program. Users can even copy JPG images, resize them as desired, and use them on their labels.

Brother QL-1050

This monochrome label printer from Brother has a 4" print head and can print up to 66 labels per minute. It offers 300 dpi resolution and both Windows and Mac USB interfaces. It also has Serial interface for EXC/P and ASCII input.

Users can import images to use on their labels or design their own with the drawing program.

Brother P-Touch QL-550

This device can print up to 50, 4-line labels in one minute. It features an auto tape cutter and 64 print styles. Users can print directly from programs such as Word, Excel, or Outlook and use pre-designed label templates and advanced text editing features if desired.

This label printer can print on die cut labels, wide 2-3/7" durable paper, or film tape. It offers 300 dpi resolution, easy drop-in loading, a USB interface, and thermal print technology.

Brother PT2700

This label maker can be used as a portable unit or connected to a PC via USB which allows even more design/formatting options. It accepts tapes from 9/16" to 1" wide and with the lamination, your labels can be used indoors and outdoors.

This device has a large backlit display that can show 3 lines of text, 16 characters per line. Users can print up to 7 lines and can select from 8 font sizes and 12 type styles. It can even store up to 99 labels in memory. It runs via AC adapter or 8 AA batteries.


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    • chspublish profile image

      chspublish 7 years ago from Ireland

      Often thought about getting one, but not sure which one to pick and the price has to be right too! Thanks.

    • irenemaria profile image

      irenemaria 7 years ago from Sweden

      Smart! Can be used for adresses to I guess.