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Genuine Leather Camera and Laptop Convertible Backpack Bag

Updated on August 18, 2013

Bags come in every shape, color and size. I love every one of them (yea, I know…). Not all bags are expensive but some are. Unfortunately, my tastes run towards the high end. This bag is no exception.

There is no better reason to buy a new bag than to carry your gadgets in. It is hard to find a better bag than one made from genuine leather. There is nothing better than heavy-duty straps and hardware. If you agree with me, you will love this bag as much as I do.

This bag is designed to carry a camera and a laptop as well as other necessities. It is built to last – it is built not to break. Zippers break and the bag is rendered nearly worthless. Straps break or pull apart from the body of the bag and again – the bag is worthless. Pressure points are the weak links that allow an otherwise great bag to rip apart.

Forget those negatives. There is a bag made to last a lifetime and after. No zippers, no snaps, no buttons allowed. Instead there are reinforced straps, rivets and tough full grain leather sewn together by the toughest thread available to the makers. The weakest points are riveted together. Hand made craftsmanship drips from this camera and laptop bag. The leather is the real thing and looks better as it ages.

Three leather straps wrap down across the top flap and buckle in the front. A padded handle is permanently attached on the top of the bag to use when the removable shoulder strap is not enough. The style is reminiscent to a satchel and it looks beautiful while still looking rugged.

A divided interior provides room for both a camera and a laptop. There is no special padding for either but there is ample room to accommodate the necessary sleeves. Choices of colors include Dark Coffee Brown, Carbon Black and Light Tobacco Brown.

Think Indiana Jones and you can see this bag in detail. The more it is scuffed the better it will look. This is not a wimpy bag and neither is the price.


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    • JPSO138 profile image

      JPSO138 9 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

      Very nice indeed.

    • tulwave profile image

      tulwave 9 years ago from Orlando,Fl

      Great Hub, I was actually looking for a new laptop case this morning.