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Laptop Hideaway Transport Bag Convenient and Functional

Updated on April 14, 2014


Does it seem strange to you that it is easier to carry a laptop outside the house than it is inside the house? Laptop bags are designed to carry not only the laptop but also all of the gadgets that go with it. External hard drive, power supply, flash drive, CD drive, mouse and whatever else you keep with you. Where ever you go your laptop bag goes.

This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. Sometimes like you, I need to use your laptop at home. It is a shame that I feel less mobile from one room to the next than I do from one state to the next. In reality my desk is just an easier spot to work. Who wants to gather up all of those peripherals just to carry them a few feet? But hey, I want to be mobile no matter where I am.

Keep Watching and she will get to the Belkin Hideaway

Belkin must have read my mind. Recently I found a bag that Belkin designed to address the situation I just spoke of. It is simple yet attractive, lightweight yet sturdy and so convenient. When company comes to call I still have to get my work done. It is not always a comfortable feeling to have my laptop vulnerable to preying eyes and little hands so this bag would be perfect to keep my laptop at my side or tucked safely away.

The Belkin Laptop Hideaway looks much like a handbag. It sits upright due to the flat bottom. There is a center divider – one side for the laptop and the other for the peripherals. A sleek handle completes the bag. I like that it is a simple design without any fussy bells and whistles. The Hideaway bag measures approximately 17” x 12” x 6.5” and fits a 15.4” or smaller laptop.

Since my bags often sit on the floor this one would too. The Hideaway is made from hand-washable microfiber fabric so a little dust would not get me upset. There is a choice of colors – chocolate brown lined with blue or green lined with gray.

What a nice way to carry a laptop from room to room. No more getting up from a comfortable spot to fetch something you forgot on your desk.


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