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Choosing a Laptop Lap Pad

Updated on September 27, 2011

Why would you need a laptop lap pad?
If you work on your notebook or laptop away from the hard surface of your desk, you may need a lap pad or lap desk to keep your lap cool and allow you the type of work surface that keeps your device where it needs to be. Some laptop lap pads will even work to help cool your computer by providing good airflow.

Buying Tips
If you want a device that will help cool your laptop, you can choose one that actively cools with fans or one that does so passively. Obviously, those with passive cooling are more affordable, lighter weight, and because they have no mechanical parts, are more durable and long lasting. They generally cool via good venting. All of the models on this page provide only passive cooling; meaning no fans.

These lap desks offer a variety of surfaces. Some may provide a very smooth surface which is easiest to clean, but others offer a slightly grippy surface that help things stay in place.

For the best ergonomics or comfort, you may want to consider one that allows you to view the screen of your notebook or laptop at an angle; ideally it would be adjustable to suit your individual situation. Some of these devices will even elevate the screen. Others will also provide a retractable mouse pad to make them an even better workspace. Using a mouse generally provides a more ergonomically correct position rather than having to use a trackball or tiny touchpad for hours at a time.

Comfort will also be influenced by weight and by the surface that makes contact with your legs. Padding certain helps.

Some laptop lap pads will also offer a storage pouch, making them a better travel companion. In addition of course, the overall size or it's ability to collapse into a smaller unit may also be critical for travelers.

Certainly, it is important to assure that the one you choose will fit the computer that you have. Some are built to accommodate the largest of laptops and others are intended for use with the smaller notebooks.

In any case, these devices should help eliminate problems related to balancing your notebook in your lap and protect you from heat as well. In the end, they should make you more comfortable and allow you to work where you like.


Working while you lounge doesn't have to be uncomfortable or inconvenient. This modern looking laptop lap pad has a striking blue color and sleek, U-shaped design to promote airflow for laptop cooling without fans or the extra expense. Your legs stay cool and so does your device.

It provides a stable surface when you're sitting in a chair or lying in bed making it a good lap desk as well. It's covered with a skid-proof microfiber fabric that's durable yet soft to the touch. This pad will accommodate a 15" widescreen computer (or smaller) with ease.

Belkin Cushtop

This laptop lap pad from Belkin effectively protects your legs or stomach from heat and provides a sturdy work surface in a comfortable, padded base. It can easily accommodate a 15" device on one side and a 17" model on the other side. It's even slightly angled to make viewing easier.

Users will also find a storage pocket for the power supply and mouse.

This lap desk has a Dark Sky/Black furniture-like upholstery covering it for durability, easy care and cleaning, and a handsome look. It's also available in silver and chocolate.

Belkin CushDesk

This lap desk from Belkin has a solid molded top with a smooth surface that provides a sturdy, easy to clean work space. It's slightly angled design makes viewing easier and it's slim profile makes it easy to handle and store. It has a lightly cushioned bottom for comfort in your lap and will accommodate a 17" computer with ease.

XBrand Portable

This portable laptop lap pad is made of sturdy plastic composite which makes it long lasting and perfect for travel. It features a pull out mouse pad that can be folded up when you're ready to pack up and transport it. It offers a heat shield for your legs and a design that allows your laptop to cool. This lap desk will accommodate a 15" notebook/laptop easily.


This is an ultra thin, lightweight laptop lap desk from Logitech. It features a retractable mousepad with a beveled edge to keep the mouse in place. It slides in easily when you're ready to move. It is made with heat resistant thermal material to protect your legs from heat and has an anti-slip top which can easily be washed with a wet cloth. This lap pad will accommodate a 15.6" notebook/laptop.


This device is thin and lightweight, with a nonslip laptop pad on bottom to keep it securely in your legs. It has rubber risers in an X pattern that will accommodate notebooks/laptops up to 15" in size. It can cool your laptop by up to 30 degrees, without fans and can shield heat up to 60 degrees from your legs.

Variable Angle Lap Desk

This is a laptop lap pad designed for small notebooks, iPads, media players, e-book readers, and more. It gives users 10 angles (from 10 to 80 degrees) from which to position their device to suit their individual situation. It features a built in storage compartment and is covered with plush, stain resistant black vinyl fabric on the base. It provides comfort no matter where you sit and is wheelchair friendly as well.


Thanks to heat reducing ventilation channels, this model from LapWorks will cool your computer by 15% to 20% assuring that you stay comfortable and your laptop is protected for heat damage. It's ultra-thin and lightweight making it highly portable. It can be used as a lap desk or quickly set up as a desk stand providing stability and outstanding grip with no-slip pads on the sides and bottom.

This flexible lap pad offers 5 angles to get the positioning you need when working from your lap and allows you to elevate your screen more than 3". It also features a built-in mouse surface.

Logitech Speaker Laptop Lap Pad

With a padded base and angled top this desk gives you a comfortable position. With integrated holders and adjustable “sticky feet” tabs your device will stay securely in place. But this lap desk also works actively to keep things cool with both a low-power cooling fan and a heat-shielding bottom and mesh base.

This lap desk features two built-in stereo speakers with double bass vents and an easy access toggle button to control volume as well as the fan. It has an integrated USB cable and is compatible with Microsoft Windows powered laptops or Apple MacBooks up to 16 inches.


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    • SEOshortcuts profile image

      SEOshortcuts 7 years ago from San Francisco CA

      Great Hub - it's amazing the amount of time someone like yourself puts into their Hubs. Very well done! I'm a fan.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 7 years ago from England

      Hi, I could definitely use one of these, I tend to sit on a hard kitchen chair or on the small coffee table in my front room, but I have tried to use my pc in bed and it keeps falling over! great ideas, cheers nell