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Laptop Surge Protector

Updated on November 5, 2010

Buying a Laptop Surge Protector

Desktop surge protectors are known to be bulky, expensive, and split up long-standing marriages. But if all you need to protect is your laptop, shop for a travel surge protector. They call it that because the only people who use laptops are travelers, right? Well what I like about these is that they are not expensive, around $10 only. And they are super easy to carry around, weighing less than that Jefferson dime in your front pocket.

A couple of things to note when you are buying a laptop surge protector. See how many prongs the damn thing has on it. You know, those little holes you plug your useless technology into? Count out loud how many it has. Some laptop surge protectors have only one. But the cool kids have three, four, or five holes. If you want to protect more than just your worthless computer, consider the holes. Another thing is warranty. Does the company care? Do they just hate their jobs and can't wait to go home after stopping at the bar so they can beat their little children? Warranty is good; it is not hard to make a decent laptop surge protector and a warranty says they care.

What Disaster Awaits the Pinhead Who Doesn't Buy a Laptop Surge Protector?


And besides that his computer won't work anymore. What kind of a loser spends a thousand dollars on a computer and then doesn't even protect it with a lousy cheap laptop surge protector? Not you, I sincerely hope.

Thunderstorm hits. Your too busy watching Godzilla (the new one with Matthew Broderick) to care a thing about the storm. So the energy zombies that we call lightening flashes take your laptop's soul and you are watching a couple of idiots outrun a hundred velociraptors.

And it is not only during dramatic storms that your laptop needs a surge protector. Sometimes it happens little by little. A little too much electricity there, a little using the plug-in lawn mower on the same outlet here, and you eventually have a laptop that won't. All a laptop surge protector will do is redirect some of the electricity into your daughter's hair dryer so she doesn't have hair that is too wet for the boys.


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