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Toshiba Laptops - Toshiba Satellite

Updated on July 25, 2011

Toshiba Satellite C650-15C

In this article I wanted to try something a little different and review my laptop because usually I talk about hobbies, interests of mine and recently I have even stretched to SEO marketing style hubs but today I would like to give a product overview. I believe I can give a genuine firsthand experience about the qualities and benefits after using the Toshiba Satelite C650-15C for 2 months and you know it is a customers opinion not a sales pitch.

Toshiba Laptop

I would like to begin by giving a run down of the Toshiba Laptops statistics:

  • Intel Celeron 900 Processor
  • 1024 MB RAM 800MHZ
  • 250GB HDD (5400 RPM SATA)
  • 15.6" Tribrite High-Definition LED Screen
  • DVD/CD Super Multi Drive (2 Layer)
  • WI-FI Certified (Wireless Internet)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 BIT

These are the standard specifications but I'm sure mine came with a higher system memory than the one stated above, the maximum expandability is 4,096mb so shop around and find the Toshiba that suits your needs.

Laptop Deals

If you decide you would like to try laptop computers rather than your traditional desktop PC, remember to shop around online and the numerous retail outlets such as PC World, Currys, Comet and even Staples. Although many of these shops may appear as though they are separate companies, they usually have the same suppliers and make agreements on what prices they will have on laptop deals and desktop PCs.

Anyway back to the Toshiba Satellite Laptop, I want to point out that it is important to find a laptop you find aesthetically pleasing. Above I have shown a close-up of my laptop and you can see that the texture of the plastic has a 'gripped' effect and I thought this gave it protection against scratches and even prevented slippage from your grasp. The entire case has this even the back of the screen.

Toshiba Laptops

Some say that the Toshiba Satellite C650-15C is rather heavy, however it is very compact and it is packed with technology that you would expect from a business laptop. I was assured when I purchased it from Curry's electrical store that it has the ability to handle numerous demanding software programs simultaneously without affecting system performance.

Another feature that stands out is its incredible Toshiba TruBrite HD display which is ideal for video conferencing, DVD viewing and online gaming. The Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M combined with up to 285 MB shared memory with 1 GB system memory installed and up to 1,759 MB with 4 GB system memory also make this one of the best laptops on the market currently for gaming.

Laptop Bags

In case you are worried about the weight of the Toshiba Satellite C650-15C I have included some deals on Targus laptop bags currently showing on Amazon in the capsule below. The laptop is not bulky, it is in fact average slimline for it capabilities in respect to today's technology.

Targus is one of the more well established names when it comes to Laptop bags and they don't come cheap when you are shopping in retail parks, usually selling for around £40 or $80. Remember that if you are spending a lot of money on laptops and perhaps internet security such as Norton, ask them if they can give a discount if you buy the bag also.

Photo courtesy of

Buy Laptop

As you would expect with a leader in the market of laptop technology, Toshiba offers a great support website where you will find all the latest Toshiba Satellite drivers. For example, some models do not come with a built in web-cam, but these are cheap enough to buy and plug in one of your 2 USB 2.0 ports.

I would like to end this article by once again stating the Toshiba Satellite C650-15C really is my choice for the business laptop on the market at present. If you have a disability and are looking to choose a laptop to aid you in your work or studies contact your DSA(Disabled Student Allowance) HQ and you could be entitled to a free laptop.


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