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Green Laptops

Updated on June 21, 2015

Are you like me? Are all of your gadgets_extended="true"> black or silver? Are you ready to get a little more colorful in your choice of gadgets? No problem, there are so many colors being offered on gadgets now that your new problem will be which one you want. I admit that I have resorted back to black a few times because I could not make a decision between pink, red or green.

Some colors are becoming really easy to find and some are less likely to show up. If a laptop looks girly a man is not going to use it so for those in a shared situation the color of the laptop has to be approved by both users. Green is the one color that should please both male and female. Green means different things to different people but the calming affect is probably its most commonly known trait. I always associate the color green with profits. For that reason, a green plastic key cover distinguishes my business key from other keys on my key ring.

So far that is all of the green that I own but as green becomes more common I am likely to take a closer look. Laptops that sport the color green more than any other model is the ASUS, MSI and Dell. There is a Fujitsu LifeBook that is green as well.

  • A green Fujitsu LifeBook 15.4” is sold at
  • A green ASUS 13.3” Laptop is sold at and at
  • A green ASUS 10” Netbook is sold at
  • A green ASUS 8.9” Netbook is sold at
  • A green Dell Studio 15 (1535) is sold at

An extended search on and often turn up options not always found on the websites listed above.

If you are afraid of committing to a green laptop there is another option for you. Green laptop skins can give an updated decorative look.


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