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Laptops For Children

Updated on May 13, 2013
Vtech Touch Tablet
Vtech Touch Tablet

After writing a Hub about the XO-1 Laptop someone mention wanting a computer like it for their children. Unfortunately the XO-1 is not currently available to the consumers but I did some research and found that there is a growing market for child friendly PC's. A leader in developing electronic games for children is Vtech. They have a variety of notebook computers that are specifically designed for kids. Because they are new and the not very known they are not easy to find and some are only available at specific stores. If you are interested in learning more about these kids computers follow the Vtech Link to see some of the computers they offer, ranging for children aged 3 - 9 years old.

Vtech Notebook
Vtech Notebook

The Touch Tablet claims to have everything a child needs for school and extracurricular learning.

"With Touch Tablet Advanced, you get a world of learning at your fingertips! This sleek, kid-sized, all-in-one notebook computer has a detachable touch-sensitive screen that engages older learners with more than 120 challenging activities in English, math, science, geography, social studies and history. Designed with developing brains in mind, the techno-savvy Touch Tablet Advanced tracks your child's performance and tweaks the skill level to meet his or her growing needs. Plus, Touch Tablet Advanced includes cool tools like a music composer, word processor, personal organizer with address book, calculator and savings tracker!" Vtech

Vtech Notebook Ad
Vtech Notebook Ad


The only problem I noticed reading up on these notebooks is that they are limited in a few key areas. Like for one, they don't access the internet. That may be a good thing for some concerned parents but it does not stop your kids from using your computer to access their favourite online sites. Also its capability to act as a word processor is limited.

The solution: Get a basic Notebook from HP or Dell, or even just check out MAC recyclers to see if they have any older model rebuilt PC's.

If you really wanted a Vtech Notebook you'd be better off buying it from Ebay. It will save you the heartache of knowing your kid didn't like it.


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