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Large Hadron Collider - Kweejaq, The Council & The Fate Of The Planet: Part II

Updated on November 27, 2009

The particle accelerator was now active and their experimental schedule was structured in such a manner that the Galactic Council Observers forecast for them to reach Primal Particle State in three of their years. As in the cases of other hominid civilizations resonating accurately with their own futures, their popular culture and their archaeology had both successfully forecast the exact date of Primal Particle State achievement which was to be set at their Northern Hemispherical Winter Solstice in their calendar year of 2012.

The Galactic Council Observers performed the usual sabotages of their particle accelerator to attempt to persuade these hominids to abandon the prospect, but as this procedure has a historically tiny percentage of success, it was not sufficient to have the hominids abandon their research. However, all Galactic Council official prerequisites were completely fulfilled, and the hominids were given every possible opportunity to dismantle their particle accelerator... which, of course, they did not.

When Kweejaq concluded his thought projection presentation, the Galactic Council Presiding Moderator focused the eye ring atop his head sequentially around at the other holographs. All members of the Galactic Council were as saddened as Kweejaq but there was no other choice to be made.

The Galactic Council Presiding Moderator ordered the conventional conclusion to be entered into the Official Record, with a special recommendation for the safekeeping and evolution in perpetuity of the collective consciousness of the planet's liquid dwelling ungulates who were to be granted Associated Non-Physical Species Status within the Galactic Unity.

The Galactic Council Presiding Moderator's closing thought broadcast was mandated by the tradition of the Galactic Council itself, stretching back to a time when the universe was barely half its current size. Yet this latest statement was no less dolorous and mournful than the first so many eons ago. It is always a day of grieving throughout the Galactic Unity whenever a sapient civilization has to be terminated.

The thought-concepts of the traditional closing spoke of the predominant necessity to maintain all the sapient species of the Galactic Unity safe until the naturally-occurring universal collapse. Primal Particle synthesis invariably carries with it as an inevitable consequence the re-triggering of cosmic creation and the obliteration of all that came before.

This universe was created by the Primal Particle synthesis of an unknowable technological race in the previous universe, which erased countless sapient species from the spiral of existence. The Galactic Council was created by the common will of the sapient species of the galaxy to ensure that this Fatal Experiment never be conducted again, as it would spread throughout the current universe, annihilating millions of sapient species numbering in the quintillions of individuals.

The holographs of the Galactic Council evaporated and Kweejaq was alone in the chamber once again, with only the thoughts of the seven billion sapients who were about to become extinct to keep him sombre company. So many individuals, with mates and children; with passions and fears; with hopes and anxieties; with all of the most vital aspects of sapient life... were going to vanish in an instant. And it was Kweejaq's presentation that sealed the fate of their entire species, wiping their genetic presence from the universe forever.

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