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Large Hadron Collider - Kweejaq, The Council & The Fate Of The Planet: Part III

Updated on November 27, 2009

Kweejaq never watched the holographs of The Termination Procedure. He could never bring himself to do so. He had not done so in the six previous instances and was not going when the day arrived for the termination of this particular planet. On the day of Termination of S-J74T59K03X18Z23-A he made sure that he was out on a jaunt in the osmium cloud caves of his home planet's southern continent, far away from any holographic transceivers.

After all, he knew everything that there was to know about how the Procedure occurred. A two molecule thick sphere of particles is sprayed in geosynchronous orbit by the Galactic Observer Task Force which then retreats to a safe distance. Then the command is given for the inner molecules to turn to antimatter. The resultant explosion is driven inwards to the surface of the planet creating an implosion wave of precise power.

This implosion wave contains sufficient blast energy as it emanates through a planet's atmosphere to immediately turn all living cells to jelly. However, the damage from the implosion blast front is not so severe that it modifies the essential geography of the world as well as its basic biochemistry which is left untouched: This allows for evolutionary forces to begin rebuilding the basal proteins and eventually organize into single celled organisms.

It is a matter of great pride to the Galactic Council that there have been a few occasions where planets which had to be terminated eventually redeveloped sapient life forms, and that all of these sapients managed to avoid the Primal Particle Experiment in order to eventually join the Galactic Unity itself.

Kweejaq gave a silent prayer to the Galactic Creator that the next sapient civilization on planet S-J74T59K03X18Z23-A would be intelligent and advanced enough to be able to avoid this lethal game with the essential particle of the universe. Only the Galactic Creator himself had mastery over the Primal Particle and it was a measure of his mercy and his love that he allowed so many civilizations to flourish throughout the galaxy. He was only doing the Galactic Creator's work.

He did feel an upsurging deep within his three hearts when he contemplated the utter perfection of so much sapient life in this galaxy, and the countless galaxies beyond. Therefore, even though his task was melancholy, no one single species could be allowed to destroy them all... not even the seven billion on S-J74T59K03X18Z23-A. Such universal erasure had happened before, but it must never happen again.

Although Kweejaq was not in view of any holographic transceivers, he felt as he always did at the precise moment when S-J74T59K03X18Z23-A became S-J74T59K03X18Z23-Z: Billions of sapient individuals crying out in unison as their species ceases to exist in a mere nanosecond.

Kweejaq shook his heads as if to eject that mental image far away from his minds and squatted on an osmium cloud, looking up at Xyhiakha's dual suns sparkling in the carboxylic autumn air while he sorrowfully but peacefully chanted: The Galactic Creator Is Great, His Will Be Done, Forever.

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