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Large Hadron Collider - The Four Scenario-Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Updated on November 27, 2009

I was trained as a scientist, so I really have no problem with particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider. After all, the process in other, much smaller "cyclotrons" has been used to significantly advance the course of physics by identifying particles in nature which are difficult if not impossible to observe in any other manner.

However, that's emphatically not what the Large Hadron Collider is doing.

The Large Hadron Collider, according to CERN, will create the single hottest spots in the entire galaxy. Spots which are even colder than the space between galaxies, and the single emptiest space to be found in the solar system. These are all quotes from CERN official literature.

We're well beyond identifying particles in nature. We're now at the point of creating particles that have never existed before in the history of the universe.

Yeah, they probably did exist for one zillionth of a second at the Big Bang (the cosmic creation, not the show where a hottie like Penny inexplicably sleeps with Leonard who even has nerd in his name)... but that resulted in an explosion which ripped that previous universal structure, whatever it was, to bits!

Due to the fact that the experiments planned for the Large Hadron Collider are completely unprecedented in human history and possibly even galactic history, there has been a significant measure of public concern which has been shared by some nuclear scientists about the ways that these experiments could legitimately threaten the human race and the very planet we live on.

There are a significant numbers of renowned quantum, nuclear and astro-physicists who are vehemently opposed to the experiments that are being conducted right now at the Large Hadron Collider. These scientists have settled on the feasibility that any one or more of four different basic scenarios which could theoretically pose a threat to all life on Earth could be triggered by the Large Hadron Collider experiments.

Scenario Number One

One of these scenarios is the potential creation of a micro black hole that would be stable or semi-stable. A black hole is an ultra dense state of matter which has such overwhelming gravitational force that even light cannot escape from it.

Think of it as the drain at the bottom of the swimming pool. Once you open it up, it's going to suck down every single drop of water in the pool. However, with black holes, the Large Hadron Collider will be able to open the drain but there is no mechanism (not just in CERN theoretical physics but in the entire universe) to shut the drain down! A black hole will consume all matter and energy around it and cannot be stopped until it runs out of matter and energy around it. And "around it" is not just a reference to a space a few feet or even miles. A single black hole started at the Large Hadron Collider has the potential of sucking up the entire galaxy. Even a microscopic black hole of the type that are expected to be created at the Large Hadron Collider would theoretically continue to grow until it swallowed the entire planet in a matter of a few years.

Continued In: Large Hadron Collider - The Four Scenario-Horsemen Of The Apocalypse: Part II

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    • profile image

      Margaret 4 years ago

      I have not been a big fan of either sumptsyemerry OR extra dimensions in the past few years, but I have no other good ideas that would replace them. The best other ideas out there involve various forms of compositeness for the Higgs particle. And then there's the possibility that the hierarchy problem is purely a selection effect. All I can say is that I'm hoping nature will give us a clue soon, because without additional clues I do not know what to think, and have not known what to think for over a decade.

    • profile image

      Natasha 4 years ago

      Prof. Strassler, What do you personally think about Burton Richter's criiictsm of string theory? In July 2011 I sent Prof. Robert B. Laughlin an email with a number of questions based on some my hypotheses and readings. I wrote, M-theory predicts Einsteinian gravity, nonabelian gauge symmetry, andsupersymmetry, but how can M-theory be decisively tested? He replied: M-theory does NOT predict Einsteinian gravity, nonabelian gauge symmetry or supersymmetry. It cannot be reliably solved at the low energy scales at which these things may occur. Claims to the contrary are false. Who agrees with Prof. Laughlin on this? How many professional physicists agree with Stephen Wolfram that his 2002 book A New Kind of Science is a book rivaling Darwin's Origin of Species in importance? (To my knowledge Wolfram is the only PhD-level physicist who publicly states this.) I claim that Wolfram is a serious rival to Newton and Einstein if and only if the Raf1ada-Milgrom effect and the Space Roar Profile Prediction are true, but so far I seem to have been unable to convince Wolfram of this.