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Large Hadron Collider - Why Do CERN Employees Have To Be Warned To Not Discuss Its Effects?

Updated on July 18, 2011

In a reaction to the scientific and public worries that were being aired, CERN published a document last year that stretched over 15 pages and stated that there was, and I quote: "No conceivable danger." The authorship of this paper was attributed to the safety group within CERN itself which consists of only 5 individuals. These five people sat down one afternoon and drafted a 15 page report to conclude that the Large Hadron Collider is no danger to the universe... it's just a hyperthyroid toy for physicists to play with! Now leave us alone as we know better than you.

At the time of writing CERN is continuing unhindered with its schedule of experimentation at the Large Hadron Collider. It is important to note that the operations of CERN are managed at its own individual discretion. There can be no discussion leading to legislative curbs of the CERN operations or types of experiments that it conducts. There is no way to change CERN's decisions and there is no appeal process whenever CERN decides to do something, due to CERN being granted by the European Union the status of a supra national entity.

The history of CERN's Large Hadron Collider is certainly quirky, or shall we pun quarky. It has to mark the first time in the story of humanity when a scientific institution has been granted by the governmental structure which funds been granted a status which is even above those governments themselves. CERN has legal immunity from any court on earth. In the history of scientific study there has never been a situation where a scientific institute has been able to conduct experimentation which has such global, catastrophic feasibilities without any checks or balances whatsoever. Whatever CERN decides to do, there is no legal way of stopping them or pausing them or reprimanding them.

This is a legal loop hole which is unprecedented in scientific history.

The Large Hadron Collider is currently operating at full capacity conducting its experimental schedule, and no external independent evaluation of its risks has ever been conducted. Any and all critiques from the scientific community and the public of the proceedings of the Large Hadron Collider by CERN is generally ignored by the CERN directorate.

The chief scientific advisor to CERN has stated that CERN officials have been instructed when asked about the potential of the Large Hadron Collider to destroy the planet, to state that, and I quote again: "To not say that the probability is very small but that the probability is zero."

The statement by CERN's chief scientific advisor leaves anyone to wonder why any of the CERN officials would even think of saying that the probability is very small if the probability was indeed zero. If someone asks a physician at, say, the University of California San Francisco Medical Center what the chances are that one of his patients will suddenly grow wings, fly out the hospital window and proceed to incinerate the entire Bay Area by breathing fire onto the Golden Gate Bridge and igniting a fiery ring around San Francisco Bay, the good doctor would not need to be instructed by hospital management to answer "the chance is zero." Why? Because the doctor knows that there is no way that's going to happen no matter what. For CERN scientists to need to be told how to answer queries of this type clearly indicates that the possibility that it could happen would be, in their judgement, at least remotely possible!

We're not talking about some virus escaping from a lab and giving us all the sniffles here. We're talking the complete disappearance of our entire planet!

Continued In: Large Hadron Collider - Shorted Out By A Single Bird Dropping

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