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Large Rubber Grommets

Updated on January 31, 2011

For the sake of the majority, I chose to generally categorize this hub under technology. However, rubber grommets are used in all sorts of industries, and with the word “large” in mind, people looking for heavy-duty industrial application grommets as well as automotive grommets can also benefit from this short article slash shopping page.

What are large rubber grommets?

Let us first state the obvious that a large rubber grommet is not your average-sized wire grommet. With that out of the way, let us take more time defining a regular rubber grommet and its known uses and importance.

So, what then is a grommet? The more universal definition of a grommet is a right inserted through a hole in a fabric. These are usually used to prevent tearing of the pierced fabric, as in clothes and canvasses. However in this hub, we shall concentrate more on grommets that are used to protect sharp edges of solid surfaces—metal or wood—to protect items that need to go through said surfaces.

With computer and technology in mind, grommets are normally used on computer peripherals and gadgets. Wires that run from such are organized and semi-hidden from plain sight by making them go through walls or tables. They are also used to protect the wires from sharp edges, especially rubber grommets, and to make things a little neater.

Large rubber grommets have uses in all aforementioned applications. In technology, these can be used to protect multiple wires for larger applications such as networking. They can be used in automobiles to protect engine fluid hoses and large wires for power-hungry electrical devices such as car audio amplifiers and speakers. For industrial use, the applications are plenty.

Rubber grommet shopping

Grommets come in many shapes, styles and sizes. Most come collared or flared on one or both sides, and this is usually done to keep the grommet in place. While most come as round, some larger pieces can be oval in shape to accommodate more wires. Lengths also vary to accommodate thick mediums such as concrete walls or any form of double walling.

To make your quest more productive and enjoyable, you can opt for specialty stores that specialize in cable organizing—especially for computer-use. Most of these stores have a lot of grommet options (you’ll be amazed), and the better ones have dimension diagrams so you’ll have no problems sourcing them online. You can also buy them in bulk to save more, especially if you are doing large-scale installs.

If you just need a couple of large grommets and are not too specific on style and shape, below are some products to get you started. Good luck on your quest and I hope this hub has been at least useful.


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