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Latest Tablet PC's - 2011

Updated on April 2, 2012

All you need is a tablet PC that fits in your hand, it will work as a PC, includes a keyboard, PPU, mouse and everything!

The latest sensation from Apple Company is iPad 2, and from Blackberry we have a PlayBook these two are competing each other and creating entertainment all around. The sales of tablet PC's in 2011 is as high as 54 million and still it is going on and by 2014 we can expect 208 million people to own a tablet PC says experts in the industry

Let's look in to these tablet PC's.........

iPad 2

It has created a double sensation as soon as it is released in to the market and within 28 days of release it created a new record of sales crossing 1 million sales. From Apple store 12 million apps and from ibook store 1.5 million books were purchased and downloaded by the users. Developers worked out extensively and came up with a list of 5000 applications for ipad 2. iPad 2 can support more than 200000 applications. iPad 2 is available in various capacities like 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB memory.

iPad 2 is the 2nd generation tablet computer it is 33% thinner than ipad. iPad 2 includes Dual core A4 processor. Twice faster than iPad, it can process graphics 9 times faster than ipad.

as a competitor ot it...


Blackberry released a tablet PC. To say in terms of latest trend it is a zero size tablet PC. 1 GB ram, 1 GHz dual core processor works like a micro PC. You can enable Adobe flash player 10.1. You can connect to Internet securely; can synchronize your data on your blackberry mobile to PlayBook via Blue-tooth. With a crystal clear HD video chatting you can have a great entertainment, 7 inch screen, 1024*600 screen resolution , Blackberry tablet operating system, Dual cameras(3 mega pixel cam on front side and 5 mega pixel camera on backside). Video playback, Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth facilities are also available.

Slim Galaxy

You need not carry any handy cam, even you laptop also when you go for tour if you have a 7 inch screen Galaxy. Samsung manufactured it. It is the world's slimmest tablet (8.6 mm). Android 3.0, 3G, GPRS, edge network based tablet PC, Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth facilities are also available and with document editor you can also edit your documents.

Hp touch pad

The feeling you get when you touch this 9.7 inch touch screen in amazing, it is developed based on web OS, shows any updates and mails as a notification on the tablet PC screen. With the help of the virtual create available it is easy to create edit the document. Video calling is also available. It is available in different memory capacity like 16 GB and 32 GB.

It fits in your pocket...

Dell streak:

One of the top laptop manufacturing company DELL manufactured this tablet PC depending on a concept of “watch, listen and play….” It has 5 inch monitor, 1 GHz snapdragon processor, Android OS. You can browse as many as 700,000 e books of kindle store on this tablet PC, GPS navigation facility is available with a 16 GB memory capacity.

This is the first one...


Xoom.....This is the first one:

Motorolla Manufactured this tablet PC with super powerful dual core processor, 10.1 inch HD quality browsing, Android OS, this is the 1st model tablet PC with Android 3 OS, 1 GB internal RAM, 2 mega pixel camera, and 5 mega pixel camera for capturing photos as well as videos. And if you charge it once, you can browse Internet using Wi-Fi easily for about 10 hrs without any interruptions.

Slate 500

Based on windows applications HP developed slate 500. You can access many applications and edit them easily. Intel Atom processor, 2 GB ram, 64 GB internal memory, 3 Mega pixel cameras are embedded. Windows 7 professional is the operating system

Which tablet pc among the following is the best one?

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    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 6 years ago from Central United States of America

      This was very informative as I have been wondering about a tablet vs. a mini-laptop to take while traveling. Your videos were really eye-opening. Thank you!

    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

      I am still learning about these tablet PCs. Thanks for the write up. I like the idea. The Xoom is drawing me.