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Launching a Niche Blog - Following a Blog from Inception to Success (Part 1)

Updated on May 14, 2012
Follow my niche blog launch from start to success
Follow my niche blog launch from start to success

I have several web sites that cater to niches; mainly in the outdoor tourism space. These sites generate traffic and I have been able to monetize them through AdSense. That said, I feel as though my niches are still too broad, and to this point, I haven’t really tried blogging. That is about to change. I just registered a domain name for a fairly specific niche, and there are a couple of keywords that don’t have extremely high competition. With that in mind, I am on a quest to build my first niche blog and see if what I have learned about web publishing will result in an improvement as compared to my current sites.

My plan is to periodically share my results through HubPages, and outline both my activities and the results of those activities. Not only do I think that this may prove to be interesting to aspiring bloggers here on HubPages, but I hope folks will interact through the comments so that we can all learn together. I am sure some will be curious about the niche I have selected, but for now, I plan to keep that private. First, I believe the niche is pretty good, so I am not looking for competition, and secondly, I don’t think the subject will add value to the conversation at this point. I plan to add to this series as activity dictates, and I look forward to an ongoing discussion.

With that, here is where the blog currently stands:

Step 1

I researched a niche that I through would have both staying power and a reasonable level of competition. Using Google AdWords’ keyword tool, I found a several keywords that had both reasonable monthly traffic (40,000+ searches/month in the U.S) and low competition. Because I already knew that there would be both advertising and affiliate opportunities in the niche, these results looked promising.

Step 2

Next I ran a Google searches on the key words and found that some had very established websites in the first page results. Knowing that I can’t compete with multi-million dollars companies, I continued searching the keyword list until I started hitting on keywords with easier competition. Through continued searches, I found one keyword that had over 45,000 monthly searches in the US, and had very moderate competition for the number 1 spot on Google.

Step 3

Using my hosting provider, I searched the keyword as a .com domain and found it had been taken. Obviously no surprise there, but I did want to find a suitable domain that included my primary keyword. After several attempts, I found a domain name that worked for my keyword and didn’t sound silly. I don’t like when domains appear to be built solely for purposes of including a keyword. I think I succeeded in avoiding that.

Step 4

Given that I am building a blog and not a full blown site, I have decided to use WordPress. If you have followed my Hubs at all, you have probably noticed that I am a proponent of Joomla for more complicated sites, but in this case, I believe WordPress will do the job.

Step 5

After searching for WordPress themes, I found two that look like they will work for my blog. They are modern and crisp and should work well for my initial launch. Of course I may go with something custom later, but for now, one of themes themes will do just fine. From here, I will be installing WordPress (more on the in a latter Hub).

This is where things stand to date. I should have WordPress ready to go, and I am working on content. My next update should have a working site, and I will get into some of my initial SEO activities. Until then, happy hubbing.


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    • T. R. Brown profile image

      T. R. Brown 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      I agree qmfaisal,

      I will dig deeper into the long tail, but I really wanted to hit on a higher level keyword at the onset, so that I had a legitimate shot as reasonably high traffic. As I make headway with my primary keyword, I will start to add content to hit the long tail keywords. If all works as planned, those keywords will be gravy. I suspect that I will get 50% or better from the long tail, once I get some age on the site.

    • qmfaisal profile image

      qmfaisal 5 years ago from Dhaka

      Interesting hub! I think when you are doing your keyword research, it is important that you emphasize on the long tail keywords as they have less competition and they are easier to rank well in the SERP.