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Lazada Birthday Blogger

Updated on March 27, 2017

My Top 3 Picks

What do I love about Lazada Malaysia?

I just love browsing all the items there that's for sale. Such a soother to the eyes. Been getting several stuffs from Lazada too. Got a sewing machine for about RM40 and I was so amazed cos it arrived the next day! I really did not expect it to be that instant.

My top 3 picks from Lazada Malaysia are

- Balecoo Luxury Baby Foldable Carriage Infant Stroller

- Drypers Classic Open M (4x72)

- Philips Viva Collection Red Airfryer (HD9623)

Lazada Malaysia could improve better though. Being a purchaser from Sarawak means I have to pay extra for postages compared to the West Malaysians getting free deliveries. Would be great if one day, everything sale goes FREE DELIVERY.

Happy 5th Birthday, Lazada Malaysia! I'll make sure everyone knows how old you are. :)


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