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Architecture of 8085 microprocessor with block diagram

Updated on March 26, 2016
8085 microprocessor chip
8085 microprocessor chip

8085 Microprocessor Introduction

  • Microprocessor 8085 is a 8 bit microprocessor.
  • It was developed in the beginning phase of cpu development.
  • It can be said that it is the starting block of the cpu making.
  • First cpu to be programmed and used in computers.
  • Yes the computers that are made up of 8085 microprocessor chips.
  • Not capable of performing so much work that todays computer does, but it does small computations of addition, subtraction etc.

8085 Microprocessor architecture

8085 microprocessor is a 8 bit microprocessor. Main building blocks of 8085 microprocessor is shown in figure.

  1. ALU Arithmetic logic unit performs the function of addition, subtraction.
  2. Timing and control unit make control of the timing and control signals that are given to different parts of microprocessors.
  3. Address bus is 16 bit wide and it runs the address of memory locations to be accessed.
  4. Data bus is 8 bit wide it is used for carrying operand, opcode or data from memory locations which is 8 bit wide.
  5. Memory registers are used to store the data and programs.
  6. General purpose registers are 8 bit registers, named B, C, D, E, H and L.
  7. Combination of above said registers are also used to store 16 bit numbers.
  8. Register pairs used properly are BC, DE and HL

8085 microprocessor architecture
8085 microprocessor architecture

8085 Microprocessor programming

8085 microprocessor can be programmed from the computer, laptops etc. You need to have a microprocessor programmer. These programmers are usb programmers. When you write a program in the software it can be downloaded to the microprocessor by just one simple click.

The software and programs are developed which helps you to write assembly language and higher level language programs that are burn into the microprocessor memory. The usb programmers are bundled set in which you get the software where you write the program. After writing the program on your computer, you check it for proper working by simulation option. When every result you want is obtained you go to next step of actual programming on the microprocessor 8085 eprom.

8085 Microprocessor Instruction set

Instruction set is a combination of instructions that are used in 8085 microprocessor programming. If you are doing programming in assembly language programming than you need to learn the instructions that are used in 8085 microprocessor programming.

Instructions are divided into several groups to make it easy for learning purpose. Some instructions that are used for data handling in memory registers are MOV A,B or MVI A,01.

Addressing modes are used to define that how the instructions are going to get the data. Data stored in memory locations are accessed by memory based instructions while the data that are provided externally by some buttons are treated as external data. Based on from where the data is coming and going different instructions are present in the 8085 microprocessor.

8085 microprocessor based project
8085 microprocessor based project

Applications of 8085 microprocessor

There are several uses of 8085 microprocessor. Some of them are covered briefly here:

  1. Microprocessor 8085 is used in several embedded projects - it can be used in projects like water control in tanks, traffic light signalling control, several other small projects are also can be done with the help of 8085 microprocessor.
  2. Microprocessor 8085 is also used by the students who are earning about the cpu and hardware parts of the computers. They program this small microprocessor to learn about the functioning of the microprocessors.
  3. Engineering students make different projects with the help of 8085 microprocessor kits.

8085 Microprocessor projects

Several projects are developed by the students based on 8085 microprocessor.

  1. Water level monitoring in water tanks to stop the water pump.
  2. Traffic lights controlling system for roads safety.
  3. Speed checker for highways. Used for monitoring speeds of the car and other vehicles.
  4. It is used as counter to count the number of product passed in front of it on conveyor belt.
  5. Used to count the men passing for security check through the gates.
  6. It is also used in tracking applications.
  7. They are also used with GPS module, which helps in recording the location data in the form of GPS coordinates.
  8. It can also be used in robots. Line follower is a perfect example of it.


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