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Best HTML5 Tutorials | HTML5 Examples| HTML5 Browser Supports

Updated on July 12, 2011

Learning HTML5 - The Newest Web

The buzz about HTML 5.0 is getting hot every day and probably you may also want to know something about this new web technology which is going to change the very face of the internet tomorrow. Here, I have explained in simple words about the features and capabilities of HTML5 in a manner that a person with basic HTML knowledge can understand the whole idea of HTML5. The up to date developments of HTML5 and the way you can integrate it in your computer is also described here. For those would like to learn in more detail about these things, I have added some links to the best HTML5 tutorials and examples available on the internet.

HTML5 is the same old thing as all previous html 4 or 3 but now with more added functionalities. It have some new exciting features like video tags, canvas , geolocations and more. Before jumping into the core, I want to tell u the best features of HTML5 in three lines.

  • It can display video directly in the browser, without having to depend on the plugins
  • HTML5 can offer drawing canvas for dynamically generated 2-D graphics, just like table to drag and arrange your photos.
  • Persistent storage system of HTML5 allows the user to browse on a sequence of documents even when offline.

The evolution of html - ultimately html5 !
The evolution of html - ultimately html5 !

How to enable HTML5 in my browser?

This was one of the first doubts I had when I heard about HTML5. Actually I found out that this question is not valid,  all browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari  are already supporting HTML5. Microsoft will start providing support from the IE 9 onwards. Chrome already provides a PLUG-IN which can be installed to previous versions of Internet Explorer to enable it support with HTML5.

The logic is that there is nothing radically new in HTML5 .The new HTML5 tags like <video> are implemented with JavaScript, through the Document Object Model (DOM). HTML5 doesn’t just define a <video> tag plainly, the support for the video will be given by the respective DOM API  for video objects in DOM. This API can detect and play different video formats, mute , track the downloads of video etc. So it’s the DOM APIs that are already defined, that actually does the work, not your browser or the guy who writes the html codes.

How to get started with html5 ?
How to get started with html5 ?

How To Get Started with HTML5?. How do I code webpages in HTM5 ?

If you are ready to change your coding to HTML5, it’s a good decision and nothing to worry about. Writing in HTML5 pages are very easy. Previous versions of HTML had lots of “doctypes” and choosing the right one was pretty confusing. To implement HTML5 in a page you just have to include one doctype as shown in the figure.

Ie. <!DOCTYPE html>

Upgrading to HTML5 will not cause any trouble to the existing codes because all of the previous tags are supported by HTML5 also. The benefit is you can start using new semantic elements like <video> , <article>, <section>, <footer>.

Thats all for now folks, if you found this article insightful, you can 'vote me up' in the green oval below. You can also be the first to one to let your peer computer enthusiasts know about html5 by sharing this on facebook and twitter at the top of this page. Do post your comments and doubts on the topic, i'll soon clear it off and help you out!


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    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 7 years ago from New York

      Great hub on HTML 5. I just wrote about new hub about the HTML 5 vs Internet Explorer debate on my hub profile.