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Learn Linux Courses Online

Updated on March 13, 2015

As an operating system that is free, Linux will always be in demand and so will be your Linux admin training which will help boost your career in the IT Industry. Any effective Linux courses contain the basic applications of Linux like basic security, introduction to command lines, graphical installation of Linux, managing and securing the physical storage, and securing files, establishing and securing network services, administrating users and groups, developing File Sharing Services and so on. Several colleges and private companies offer online Linux courses due to the shortage of IT professionals with Linux administrating skills.

Some of the most effective and certified Linux courses available online are listed below.

Linux Professional Institute (LPI): LPI and their partners provide certified Linux courses. They enable you to get onto the rungs of the Linux admin ladder through these graded LPIC levels namely LPIC- 1 Junior Administrator, LPIC- 2 Advanced Administrator, and LPIC- 3 Senior Administrator. Since LPI has an established partnership with several other training partners, you can easily find yourself a convenient training partner near you.

Red Hat: Another popular and certified Linux courses available online is the Red Hat whose online Linux admin training includes Red Hat system administration and Red Hat Linux troubleshooting. The course fee starts from $1,400.

The Linux Foundation: the Linux Foundation has both established colleges as well as online Linux courses which include an array of training courses like Embedded Linux, the Linux Kernel, and Open Source Compliance to name a few. They use a live audio conference bridge as well as a live Java-based virtual collaboration tool to deliver their courses which cost around $2,750 (for online courses). Launched quite recently in 2011, is based in Netherlands which offers a whole series of online training videos in English, Spanish, and German. Approved by the LPI their course program is designed to help prepare for LPI certification exams. Their Subscription plans begin at 49 Euros, or about $67, per month which can be discontinued as time.

E- Learning Centre: the E-Learning Centre, very similar to offers courses that focus on preparing for LPI certification as well as comparable offerings for Red Hat certification. For which ever Linux Course you apply for, the subscription fee is $69 annually.

The Virtual Training Company: The Virtual Training Company offers some very efficient Linux Courses online and the best part is some of the content is free. Their tutorials however, require either Flash or QuickTime and with a subscription fee of $30, you can get access to more than 900 courses on the site, including the complete content on Linux.

IBM: One of the pioneering vendors of Linux courses is IBM who provides certified Linux admin training for a course fee of $675. The specialty of IBM is the fact that their course includes several self-paced online offerings which is extremely lucrative.

Most of these courses are free while some charge a very minimum amount depending on the quality of training. However, it is recommended to do a thorough research about the courses before enrolling in one.


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    • Shades-of-truth profile image

      Emily Tack 3 years ago from USA

      I used Linux for several years, and was very impressed with it!