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Learn to use a computer

Updated on April 7, 2009

Learn to use a computer

Learn to use a computer
Learn to use a computer

Beginners' Computing Course

Do you have friends or family you can't use a computer?

Do you struggle with limited computer knowledge?

Would you like to improve your computer skills to get a better job?

Are you embarrassed by your lack of computer skills?

Don't worry. I am an experienced IT teacher. I have written this easy to follow course to help my own adult students to overcome their fear of computers.

Using a computer should be FUN.

If you are frightened by the mere sight of a computer, this is the course for you.

If you are embarrassed when your boss asks you to do something on a computer and you don't know how, this is the course for you.

If you have tried to learn computing from a relative or spouse - save your family relationships and prevent a divorce by getting this course now!

This coure is written in an easy to follow style, allowing you to study at your own pace in your own home.

Soon you will be amazing your friends, relatives and colleagues with your new found confidence and ability to use a computer with ease.

What are you waiting for? Christmas is coming. Your friend/relative needs help. Head on over to my beginners' course right now and grab yourself a copy.

It's an ebook, so you can print it out and give it as a gift, or you can email it to distant friends or relatives. Even if they can't use a computer, I'm sure they'll have a friend who can download it and print it out for them.


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