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Starting to Blog

Updated on December 11, 2013

Understanding and Learning about Blogs

Blog is a mini website that is created for the purpose of providing specific information to the viewer and where there is sufficient interaction between reader and author. The blog is usually made without any prior knowledge of web designing or HTML. Blog are made to post updates about particular subjects and provide that knowledge to interested ones.

The word "blog" is derived from web log. Meaning a site in World Wide Web which mostly concerns about online matters and various discussions. In a blog, there are entries or posts about the main topic in a certain chronological order( latest posts stay at top). Most of the blogs are controlled by an individual, some are done by a small groups and a few blogs are maintained by large organization. Organizational blogs are for keeping updates about their products or works or website and to get reviews and comments from users.

Most of the good blogs are highly interactive with their viewer or readers. They allow users to post reviews, leave comments and share or rate the blog through social networks.

Who can Blog?

Anyone can blog! You don't have to be a very good writer or author to be a good blogger. If you any experience or any knowledge about any field, then you can make your own blog in minutes. You don't even need money get started if you choose a free blog hosting site like Blogger and Wordpress.

You can blog about any thing you know about. I am only 15 years old and have a good blog called MythWord. All you need is little knowledge about any topic and you are ready to go. You don't need HTML or web designing skills to create a blog. But creativity is a most. If you are not getting any idea you may take help from following few topics.::

1.) You favorite video game, author, singer, player, book, website etc.

2.) Your travel experiencing.

3.) How to: cook,travel, best places to travel, earn money, make handicraft etc.

4.) Your daily experiences; it for popular people who want to give their daily events and views.

5.) A movement: Rise people for your new revolutionary idea.

You can blog no matter whether you are a old retired person or just a kid you is crazy about video games.

Why To Blog?

Yeah, this is a major question and one which is very difficult to answer. There are thousands of purposes of blogging and I will mention a few. The previous text capsule can help to answer few of you question.

You can blog to have fans. This a little egoistic but it's the truth. You blog so that people will know your skill and know you. If you are an artist, musician or anyone with some skill or talent to display, then you can be a blogger.

You blog to take you voice to concerned people. A blog can act as a protest if you have enough supporters.

You blog to praise your favorite. A blog which updates about your favorite chocolaty singer and actor won't be bad.

You blog to share. Share your experience in a particular field, country or anything. Blog about your experience in Hubpages.

You blog to earn little. Most of the people ask how much I earned from the blogs? Not a cent. But if your blogs get a lot of visitors, then you can earn a few bucks through ads.


Getting Started

Enough of these talks! Now lets jump to realistic working. For establishing a blog you will need:

1.) Clear Idea and Understanding. Know you aims and limitations. Make a detailed plan. Know you topic and how to write about it. Make sure you can talk a lot about that particular topic or subject. Research about it online if you don't know enough.

2.) A computer and Internet connection. (you know why.)

3.) A host. Now this one is important one. A host is the one that launches your blog into web and provides domian name in many cases.There are many online blog hosts like Blogger or Wordpress. The thing that they do is put up your blog for everyone to see in Internet. If you don't have money to invest you can try these out for free but they will keep their sub domain in your blog's URL.

For example instead of, you will get Bloggers and Wordpress also offer easy editing, adding and publishing options for free.

Now go to and make a blog completely free!

4.) Decide the template

Have you gone to and signed up? You have probably seen the template function. Template is the basic layout and design of your blog. You picture borders, background picture, default text font, basic layout etc. are determined by the template.

Blogger and WordPress provide you with hundreds of templates for free and you can get more for free if you Google for them.


Now post your first post. Type about 200- 400 words about your blog and it's topic. Give some introduction and define some words. There are many things to do now!

Your blog!

Do you have a blog?

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    • peachpurple profile image


      7 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      hey, not bad for a starter, especially english is your 3rd language. You write far better than me. Have you tried writing for other websites such as wikinut? This site is good. The viewers leave good comments and they have moderators who could give your advice. I have a blog too but mine has low percentage of views compare to HP. voted up


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