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Led Lenser Frogman

Updated on July 2, 2010
Led Lenser Frogman Neon
Led Lenser Frogman Neon

The Led Lenser Frogman dive torch is the brightest torch of its size. The concept behind it is simple—find the highest efficiency light-emitting diode and combine it with an axial collimator—and a focus strength once considered impossible is achieved; especially important underwater, where refraction rules out long ranges.

The torch is built adequately tough—the head from high-grade stainless steel, and the body from shockproof synthetic material. Plus, not to mention the body's neon paint scheme is bright as it is to blind you.

The lamp runs on four AA batteries with a claimed run time of in excess of fifty hours. The LED itself has a lifespan of 100,000 hours. Considering a total usage of three hours per week, technically this torch will last 600 years. Good deal, I should say.

The rugged flashlight is excellent for divers, fishermen and boating enthusiasts. It is small enough to carry even when not in the water. The overall length of the torch is approximately 160 millimeters, with the largest part of the head measuring 42 millimeters. With batteries, it only weighs 220 grams.

Waterproof: up to 60 meters

Hands-on; A short review

From the very first time I held the torch in my hand, it felt just right. It did not seem bulky or small, but just as I expected (granted I only saw photos of it prior). The Frogman is available in a more-formal black/grayish color, but I went ahead and got the neon. I figured visibility should not be taken for granted in the deep blue.

The lanyard is solidly attached and adjustable—with one of those push button things commonly seen on jackets. The rope matches the body's color. The previous version of the Frogman had a rotating switch; it is now replaced by a more sensible (and better) flick switch.

The Frogman, I would imagine, would serve nothing more than a backup torch for serious divers. For that designation, and at 75 lumens, the Frogman is more than enough. Thinking about how such a great product would just sit around and be rarely used, I went ahead and bought another, which I plan to use during fishing, or just anytime I am near the water.

Video of the Frogman used in a night dive


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