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Led Lenser V6

Updated on December 30, 2010

Greetings and welcome to my latest hub, and second on a Led Lenser flashlight. As you can see, I’m kind of a flashaholic—yes, such a word exists.

The V6 model, code LL7732, is the one that has 6 LEDs that form a clover leaf pattern. The LEDs are all Nichia white beams. The torch uses 3 AAA batteries. It weighs only 160 grams, measures 3.625 inches by 1 inch, and is made of pure stainless steel.


In the package you will see that it already comes with batteries. It also has a handy little mesh pouch that has “Coast” and “Led Lenser” imprinted (stitched) on the front flap. The packaging alone is impressive and is one that will rarely get thrown away.


The V6 has a sort of minimalist design. From afar it looks like a solid bar of stainless steel. Others may find this too boring but I myself find beauty in simplicity. The part where the head attaches to the body is nearly invisible once screwed together. If you look at the torch from its side, you’d notice that the thing sticking out is the round metal switch. The Coast logo is also sleekly engraved on the head.

The finish on the Led Lenser V6 is what the industry commonly refers to as “brushed.” The brushed stainless steel finish is almost maintenance free and can be kept looking new by simple wiping. It is also very tough to scratch and is not prone so oil smudging.

The only other design cue left is the symmetrically-punched holes that surround the head bezel. It may look like a simple styling but it does serve a purpose—lets you know if you left the light open when the head is face down on a surface (yes, that happens all the time).


Other important things worth noting include the battery case that has 24-karat gold contacts. The case holds the batteries side by side in a triangle.

Led Lenser claims that the flashlight lasts 50 hours in a singe use. It is rated at 65 lumens brightness from 68.3 mW of power.

Retail price for the Led Lenser V6 is $70.


Sample beam shots of the Led Lenser V6


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