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Lenovo G580 Review - Laptop Likes And Dislikes

Updated on April 14, 2013

Computers have nowadays become indispensable. Whether at home or at the office, desktops and laptops are needed to get lots of things done. People will sooner or later need to get their own computer, which are offered in a bewildering variety.

What sets computers apart, is their rapid pace of change. You can basically expect a new crop of computers after about 6 months or so. Each new generation offers new or enhanced capabilities that are superior compared to the previous generation.

One computer manufacturer, Lenovo has taken advantage of this development by continually introducing new lines of desktops and laptops featuring the latest improvements in technology. One of their latest products is the Lenovo G580 laptop.


Who is Lenovo

Lenovo is one of a small group of computer manufacturers, which have come to dominate the market in computers. Recently, they have even attained the number one position in terms of market share, surpassing others that until recently sold more computers.

In my opinion, this speaks well of Lenovo, because it shows that they must have released good products that the public liked and were willing to buy. Otherwise, they would not have attained their growth in market share over their competition.

What is in the box of the Lenovo G580

The G580 includes:

  • one laptop
  • one battery
  • one power adapter
  • one power cord
  • one instruction guide

What are the Lenovo G580 specs

Intel® Core™ i3-3110M, 2.5Ghz
Intel® Core™ i5-3210M, 2.5Ghz
Intel® Core™ i7-3520M, 2.6Ghz
Intel® Celeron® B820 (1.80GHz, 2MB Cache)
Operating System
Windows 8
4GB / 6GB / 8GB
Intel® HD Graphics (integrated)
339mm x 230mm x 33.8mm (13.35" x 9.06" x 1.33"")
Optical Drive
Tray-in Rambo (dual-layer DVD recordable) drive
0.3MP integrated webcam
15.6" HD LED (1366x768) 16:9 anti-glare widescreen
5.7 lbs
I/O Ports
1 USB 3.0 ports
2 USB 2.0 ports
Combo jack
VGA port
HDMI port
2-in-1 card reader (SD, MMC)
320GB / 500GB / 750GB
Wireless Connectivity
Ethernet NIC: 10/100M
Intel® WiMAX/WiFi 6250 2 x 2 AGN
Intel® WiMAX/WiFi 6150 2 x 2 AGN
Bluetooth® (Some Models)
AccuType keyboard
Battery Life
Up to 6 hours / 6-cell battery:
Durability Features
Optional real-metal shell
Security Features
VeriFace™ face recognition software
OneKey® Recovery

What is good about the Lenovo G580

In my opinion, there is a good reason why Lenovo has attained the number one position. Their laptops such as the G580 seem to be better made and of higher quality than for instance HP, which used to be in the number one position.

The Lenovo G580 offers a lot of the latest features at a good price. It will have no problem handling all the tasks you want it to do. It's speedy and will certainly be much better than laptops that are just one year older or more.

The Lenovo G580 comes in different configurations and colors, which you can select at the time of purchase. You aren't restricted to just one choice, but have several to choose from depending on what your needs are. I thought an Intel i3 processor, 4 GB of ram and a 500 GB hard drive were a good choice. You can choose a slower (Celeron) or faster processor, more memory or a bigger hard drive.

The Lenovo G580 comes with a bright and vivid LED screen. It also uses less electricity than previous generation CFL screens, which were more likely to die on you. They also do not contain the toxic Mercury like their predecessors did.

The battery life is also very good for a laptop in this price range. The components, such as the Intel processor with integrated graphics and LED screen, are energy efficient. Laptops in this price range used to average 2 to 3 hours, but you can now expect that to be almost double.

What is bad about the Lenovo G580

The Lenovo G580 is not a single laptop, but a family of laptops with different configurations. They differ in processor, hard drive size, memory size and price. This can be somewhat confusing if you are comparing and aren't aware of the differences. Make sure to check that particular model you're looking at, is actually the one you want.

The Lenovo G580 is a 15.6 inch laptop. In my opinion, these laptops are too large to carry around for a long time. Despite being laptops, they really should be used as any regular desktops that you can move around more easily.

If portability is really important because you intend to carry your laptop around for long periods of time, then a smaller 13 or 14 inch laptop may be better in that regard. They do tend to be more expensive, but the difference in size and weight can really be felt when carrying them around for a while.

The Lenovo G580 comes with Windows 8, which is somewhat different from previous versions. You will have to get used to it and there may be an extended learning curve involved depending on the individual involved.

Comparison of the Lenovo G580 strengths and weaknesses


  • good build quality
  • LED screen offers nice picture
  • comes with lots of features
  • affordable price
  • good looking
  • available in different configurations
  • available in different colors


  • different configurations using same model G580 is confusing
  • Windows 8 needs some getting used to
  • somewhat bulky

The Lenovo G580 is a good laptop for general use. It won't excel in any one particular area, but doesn't really have any real weaknesses either.


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