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Lenovo ideapad s400 review and specs

Updated on January 8, 2014

Lenovo ideapad s400 review

To start this review I must say that median configuration and compact size are the hallmark of this Lenovo ultrabook.


- Lightweight, high sensitivity large touchpad, comfortable keyboard and good completion.


- Low battery life, no Bluetooth, only one USB 3.0 port, wired network it´s not Gigabit Ethernet.

VERDICT: Median device, with enough capacity to work and perform simple everyday tasks.

Lenovo ideapad s400 Specifications

The configuration of this 14-inch Lenovo ultrabook fits the standards of its category. What stands out is the body that weighs only 3.53 lbs and its cool design. The quality of the keyboard and the touchpad are also above the average. In testing, the disappointment was because of its reduced autonomy. With Battery Eater program simulating intensely common activities, the battery endured only 58 minutes. Another problem is the lack of Bluetooth.

Lenovo ideapad s400 review


Lenovo ideapad s400 is equipped with a 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and hybrid storage HD and SSD of 468 GB and 32 GB, which ensure more speed to the system.

The graphic part is due to the onboard video card Intel HD Graphics 4000, so its graphic performance is poor.

Video and Audio

Its 14 inch screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels - standard for notebooks of this size. During the tests, there were some problems with full screen playback, such as locking and distortions.

The audio speakers are located at the bottom of the computer and they have high volume. With good audio files, the songs are clear, although bass is poor. With poor quality audio files, there are no miracles: treble is overstated and bass is distorted - condition aggravated by speakers muffling. Who chooses a headset can connect it through a P2 input.


Continuing with Lenovo ideapad s400 review, I will know address its design, an item where it earns points. Fairly light and compact, it weighs 3.53 lbs and it´s 1.06 inches thick - not enough to break records, but these are not bad measures and they are consistent with the standards for ultrabooks. When it comes to connections, there are three USB ports (only one is 3.0), Fast Ethernet input (slower than Gigabit, at least in theory) and SD card reader. Wireless: there is Wi-Fi only - this ultrabook has no Bluetooth.

Another topic that deserves attention is the fact that the machine does not get very hot, even under heavy use. But the battery could last much longer: in these conditions, it kept the computer running for only 58 minutes, well below the category average, which usually stands around one hour and 20 minutes.

The look itself is not very different or unique: the silver lid has a brushed steel appearance. Its keyboard has a differential: the keys are well spaced which makes typing very comfortable. A delicate detail is the color difference between the symbols and letters. The keys have been arranged in the ABNT2 pattern.

The choice of shortcuts is interesting and probably unnecessary for those who master the standards, even the basics. There is, for example, a button to refresh the page, a task that could be done by pressing F5 button, and another to switch windows, which is normally done with the Alt+Tab combination.

The touchpad measures 4.25 by 2.83 inches and it has no texture. It has a line separating the buttons. It accepts some moves with more than one finger, for example, dragging four fingers down displays the date and time on the screen. However, this is something that the clock in the taskbar of Windows 8 provides.


To finish his Lenovo ideapad s400 review I must say that the S400U model of the Ideapad line presents no novelties to its category, and it´s at risk of being only one more among the infinity of light and compact notebooks. Its price is around $500, which is a little below average and it may attract those seeking for an ultrabook to perform simple tasks, since good graphics performance is not something we must expect from a device with onboard video card. Yet, the operating system flows smoothly and it´s a good option to work, since you don´t depend on the battery.

Hope you enjoyed this Lenovo ideapad s400 review. See you soon.


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