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Let's Talk Technology Trap

Updated on May 26, 2016
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Patrick Patrick just recently started posting articles on Hubpages. He is a graduate with a degree in Bio-medical Sciences.

The Technological Age


Let's Get To It,

Whether you believe in creation, evolution, or even what the scientology church teaches, you have to admit it; human beings are always making advancements with the aim of making life better and easier... I mean seriously, even the billions of dollars spent for the development of weapons are aimed to protect people of respective nations, and thus prevent any event that would have a negative impact on the quality of life. Agree? I suppose it is at this very point that we have our own opinions... Personally, I wish these significant amounts were not being spent on weapons... There are diseases, hunger, and famine cases that would very much benefit from all that money. But hey, we don't live in an ideal world... ok!, ok! Let me stop there before we find ourselves going down a rabbit hole we won't be able to get out of... Agreed? Yes? Good...

Now, we, as a species are in such a way that we are always trying to improve the quality of life. It is in our nature to make advancements, and this has resulted in human beings always thinking of new ways making life easier and if I am allowed to say this, "better"... .Well some may not agree on the "better" part given that video games, television and movies have been shown to contribute to obesity and other overweight problems, but again... Let's not go down a rabbit hole we can't come out of yes? Good...

We can all agree that various technologies and their application in the day to day life has become a way of life... Seriously, I didn’t just want a flat screen in my house, I needed one... I am the biggest introvert you'll ever meet and the silent one as well... Basically what this means is that I don't talk that much... Now imagine a situation where a friend comes over and I do not have a television set in my house. Do you get the picture? No? It would be supper awkward... The television is there to help get rid of such awkwardness... Get it now? Good... I need something to make noise in the house, catch the attention of my friend, and therefore allow me to get away without having to talk much.

Technology has enhanced communication; it has become vital in the world of medicine, education and even in the bedroom... Get it? :) no? I'm not explaining that mate...

We use technology all the time and almost everywhere... Youtubers making thousands of dollars monthly using laptops and iPhones, apps on smart phones, drones, electronic cigarettes... The list is endless. So, do you suppose it is possible to escape technology? It is possible to go back to the simpler old times? The answer is an extra big no!! That's not even thinkable if you ask me.... We are all trapped in the technology trap and there is no going back. Not even if you tried.

Generally speaking, technology has improved our lives. Sure, it has some of its downsides... An example? Again? Do I really need to give one? Ok, ok, child pornography and adults using social media to meet and abuse teenagers and younger kids... Need any more? You can think of more on your own...

Anyways, technological advancements will never cease, and with a lot of focus being directed towards artificial intelligence, we can all agree that so much is yet to be achieved.

That silly clip once more

Some Last Words?

Technology is good and all, but let’s tread carefully. Technological advancements are already putting human beings out of work, and with the ever growing population, we cannot help but wonder what the future holds. Sure, we need technology, but don't let it;

  • get in the way of human interaction,
  • don't focus too much on cutting costs to the extent that you put all human beings out of work,
  • don't rely on it too much that you forget what it means to be human,
  • And many more don'ts...

But then again, who knows, our consciousness may very well be part of the technology... Seriously, some scientists believe this may be very possible to include consciousness in to the "machines"....should be worried? I have no idea... But that future, is at all possible is a long way coming, so let's enjoy and make the best of the technology we have today..

Man and Machine

Man-Computer Symbiosis
Man-Computer Symbiosis | Source

And Lastly...

I would so much love to hear you thoughts on the topic: Let me know what you think of the future of technology and it's place in our world. Share some thoughts and let me know what you think.. Should we be scared?


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