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Level Measurement Using Android Phone

Updated on April 14, 2012

It is very simple to measure the level of any surface using your Android phone. There are many Android applications that can help you for the level measurement. An application with virtual bubble in the water shows you the exact inclination of your mobile phone with the surface. Surface level measurement is also known as bubble level measurement or spirit level measurement.

When I was a child, I thought bubble in the water can help anyone to measure the level of a surface, but then I came to know that this is already discovered. In those days, this was often happened to me. I figured out something for myself and then I came to know that everyone already know about it. I was disappointed! But now I feel that, as a child, at least I had urge to explore something.

Applications to Measure The Level of a Surface

There are many applications available in the Android Market (Now, Google Play) to measure the level of a surface. We will take the review of some of them. If you want to try more level measurement applications, then you can search for "level measurement" in the Google Play.

Bubble Level

This application is developed by BRL Technologies. This application helps to measure the tilt of your mobile phone. This application also displays the inclination angle. It gives sound notification at equilibrium. Calibration is possible with this application. This is one very simple, effective and ad-free level measurement application.

3D Level application for Surface level measurement
3D Level application for Surface level measurement

3D Level

3D level is another level measurement application for your Android Phone. It shows device inclination graphically in 3D. This is one free and trending Android application. You can use this application for precise measurements. This four star Android application can run on Android 1.5 and above.

Level Meter

With the use of this application, you can measure the tilt of X-axis, Y-axis, XY-axis. It is very easy to measure level with this application, because the measurement in each axis is locked to the screen. This application have the calibration option for accuracy. It sounds a warning when it finds the measure in the horizontal plane. Very nice modern graphics make this application more attractive and useful.

Spirit Level Measurement using Spirit Level Plus
Spirit Level Measurement using Spirit Level Plus

Spirit Level Plus

This is another popular level measurement application for Android phones. This application has 4.4 star ratings by more than six thousand people. That means this application really have something that makes it popular. This is one simple level measurement application that works very well.

Ultimate Spirit Level Free

Surface level measurement is known by different names, like bubble level measurement, spirit level measurement. This free spirit level application comes with three themes and two levels. This application has very beautiful design and you can also move it to the SD card (memory card) of your Android mobile phone. Overall, this is one Ultimate Spirit level measurement application.

If you are browsing Google Play from your desktop, then now you can directly install these applications to you Android mobile phone from there.

This is the information about surface level measurement on Android phone. If you liked this information, don't forget to share it with your family and friends.


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