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Leveling the Playing Field with VoIP

Updated on August 4, 2011

Communications Infrastructure and Cost

For a long time, it used to be really expensive to set up a communications infrastructure with the advanced features usually only seen in large corporations. Features such as IVR options, routing calls based on the time, conferencing, and voicemail. This is hardly surprising since the regular PSTN system is ill equipped to deal with these changes in the way people work and communicate. This led to a barrier which was difficult to overcome and smaller businesses were forced to make do with systems which didn't provide the optimum way of working or the best customer experience.

The latest changes in VoIP technology however, have put even the most sophisticated capabilities within the hands of every single business. Even features which are impossible on the PSTN system are now available to us. VoIP has turned out to be a great leveler in the industry. Just like the advent of the personal computer put an end to the dominance of mainframes in the hands of big government and business houses, VoIP now provides each and every business with the power to craft its own communications experience in precisely the way it wants to.

VoIP for Businesses
VoIP for Businesses

Affordable VoIP

However, it's only with the most recent iteration of VoIP offerings that it's become truly a technology for the common person. Setting up your own VoIP infrastructure is anything but trivial. Server costs, maintenance headaches, updates, network management, security etc all take a toll on your resources and time and divert attention from what is important to you. Large companies can afford to have entire divisions taking care it, but smaller ones would like to do away with all the hassle.

For this reason, affordable hosted VoIP is the most logical solution for companies that want something which "just works." And indeed, the switch to a scalable hosted VoIP system is very much like having your own website on someone else's server. How many of us actually maintain our own data centers and manage our own servers? If you're like the vast majority of firms, you just pay a monthly or yearly hosting fee and let the pros take care of the technical details. You merely manage your own site.

Hosted VoIP is exactly like that. For a small fee per month, you can now get all the sophisticated features that were once the prerogative of large businesses. Call your ITSP to find out how to get started. It can be in as little as 15 minutes!


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